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  • Can Matcha Tea Really Help with Weight Loss?

    April 22, 2019 5 min read

    Can Matcha Tea Really Help with Weight Loss?

    Can Matcha Tea Really Help with Weight Loss?

    Matcha tea is packed with plenty of properties – but, here’s how it can help with weight loss too.

    The avid green tea drinker will likely be aware of many of the benefits associated with their green cup of goodness. And not only fantastic for our insides, but green tea also has some very interesting beauty regime advantages too – great for your hair and your skin!

    But, the most powerful green tea of them all is matcha green tea.

    If you are on a weight loss or healthy eating goal, after you read this you might just join those avid green tea drinkers too.

    What is matcha green tea?

    Matcha tea is a nutrient-rich, powdered green tea. It is made from a process of steaming and air drying green tea leaves, which are then stone ground into the powder.

    The tea leaves for matcha are grown under shade to preserve their green colour. The colour is a result of a high content of chlorophyll. This pigment found in plants is responsible for the absorption of light in a process of photosynthesis, which creates energy. Chlorophyll is richer in matcha compared to other teas due to this shade-grown process.

    After harvest, the tea leaves are dried quickly to prevent them from extended exposure to oxygen, which can dull the earthy flavour that matcha tea is renowned for.

    Is matcha tea consumed differently to regular green tea?

    Instead of being steeped and discarded like regular green tea leaves, the ground up matcha leaves are consumed in their entirety.

    Whether for weight loss or not, when you drink matcha tea, you get the most nutritional benefits from this process. One cup of matcha tea has the equivalent amount of nutrients to that of ten cups of regular green tea!

    So, how can matcha tea boost weight loss?

    1. Matcha green tea can boost metabolism and help with weight loss

    Matcha tea comes in at number 12 on Dr Axe’s list of 15 Ultimate Fat-Burning Foods. According to Dr Axe, there are not many food sources more beneficial than matcha green tea for weight loss; in particular for boosting your metabolism.

    Dr Axe points out that a study conducted on the effects of drinking tea saw that in 12 weeks the body fat mass, BMI, body weight, subcutaneous fat area and waist circumferences on the study participants were all reduced. Researchers also uncovered improvements in LDL levels in their study participants, which had the potential benefits for warding off obesity. [1]

    1. Matcha green tea has detoxification properties

    According to Dr Axe, chlorophyll is also known for its ability to detoxify the body and ward off unwanted toxins. It increases the blood’s ability to deliver oxygen and nutrients to cells and helps the body regenerate itself. Therefore, a cup of matcha may help with weight loss by detoxifying the body of heavy metals and nasty chemicals.

    1. Matcha green tea can help control hunger pangs

    A study undertaken in 2013 found that thylakoids, which are chlorophyll-containing membranes isolated from green leaves, could reduce hunger pangs and stabilise blood sugar levels. In their study, researchers discovered that thylakoids might intensify signals of satiety, which could aid in a reduction of food intake and, more importantly, limit binge eating which leads to weight gain. [2]

    Matcha green tea, which is rich in chlorophyll, may help to manage hunger and promote weight loss.

    How much matcha green tea should you drink for weight loss?

    Just one cup of matcha tea will give a boost to your weight loss goals. However, to get the most benefit from matcha tea for weight loss, we recommend you drink two to three servings of matcha tea per day. Remember that everyone is different and you should adjust your own intake accordingly.

    Do bare in mind that matcha tea contains caffeine – about 35mg/g. If you are sensitive to caffeine, be cautious of your intake, especially when you need to get some rest.

    You can enjoy matcha tea as a herbal tea infusion straight up, try adding a teaspoon to your green breakfast smoothie in the morning, or whip up a batch of yummy detox green tea chicken soup with matcha – perfect to keep you warm this Winter (and super tasty too!).

    What are the best matcha green teas for weight loss?

    Matcha green tea these days is readily available, however not all matcha green teas are as good as others.

    • Make sure you select a matcha green tea with no added sugar or powdered milk
    • Choose organic and non-GMO wherever possible
    • Matcha tea is generally more expensive than regular green tea, so expect this reflected when you look for a quality matcha tea. Remember, a low-price tag can also be a reflection of the quality of the matcha tea itself.
    • Chinese imports have also been found to contain some dangerous pesticides. In a research activity undertaken by Greenpeace in 2013, it was found that 12 of the 18 Chinese green tea samples tested contained pesticides that were banned [3]. Green teas originating from Australia and Japan are under more stringent regulations with the use of pesticides.

    How to brew a cup of matcha tea for weight loss

    Unlike regular green tea, where the leaves are steeped in water and then discarded, matcha tea powder is stirred into water, and the entire ground-up leaves are consumed.

    Here is how to do it:

    1. Simply add a half a teaspoon of matcha green tea powder into a cup of hot water (heated to just less than a boil)
    2. Once the powder has been added, whisk the tea until it froths
    3. If you want to add a sweetener at this point, opt for organic honey rather than sugar
    4. You can also use a milk substitute like almond milk or coconut milk in place of water if you prefer (or in addition to the water)

    As the matcha green tea powder does not actually dissolve, you can get sediment on the bottom of your tea cup. So, it’s best to give it a gentle stir while sipping back if you are a slow tea drinker.

    Want more information about the benefits of herbal tea for weight loss - check out some of our recent blog articles:

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