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    30-second video reviews from our happy customers. REAL REVIEWS, REAL RESULTS!

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    A thank you email from another happy customer! It made us SO happy 😀

    Hey there,

    Last week, my diagnosis became official – I have diabetes. The reason why I initially suspected I had diabetes, and the reason why I went to my doctor, has a lot to do with Bondi Beach Tea page. In the last few months, I have noticed a couple of dry skin patches on my arm, I felt like I was a bit more hungry than usual and the last straw that broke the camel's back, so to speak, was a tiny cut on my finger that took way longer to heal than I was used to. Since diabetes runs in my family, I was doing some light reading on it a few months ago just out of curiosity and I bookmarked your site back then. I vaguely remembered reading about these symptoms in one of your articles so I went back to your site, found your https://www.bondibeachtea.com.au/blogs/detox-tea-and-weight-loss-tips-australia/tell-tales-signs-your-blood-sugar-levels-are-too-high article and connected the dots. The reason I'm writing you is to thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting out such a great resource that resonated with me and made me save it. Without you, I would have probably gone undiagnosed for who knows how much longer until more serious symptoms started to show up.

    After reading all that I could about high blood sugar symptoms on Bondi Beach Tea page, I turned to a couple of more sites to double check everything and I thought I'd send you another great one https://www.thediabetescouncil.com/what-a-high-blood-sugar-feels-like/ in case you want to share it with others that may be in a similar situation like me. Again, I cannot express my gratitude enough and I just had to reach out and thank you directly like this.

    Warmest regards,