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  • vegan friendly woman's wellness tea

    100% Vegan Friendly Tea

    organic tea to improve women's wellness

    100% Organic Tea Blends

    woman's wellness tea handcrafted in austrailia

    100% Hand crafted In Australia

    all-natural women's wellness teas

    100% No Added Flavours


    It really works!

    "I have completed their 14 days detox program and have lost 3 kgs since then. I have noticed that their teas have stopped my bloating and gave me more energy to exercise. definitely recommend!"


    Great tastes, quick results

    "Was looking for a quick detox that also tasted great and I found it with this product. Lost a kilo in week easy, suppresed my coffee cravings and felt healthier for it. It did not impact my usual toilet habits either :-) I'd recommend this product."

    ~ Peta B

    Elevate Your Wellbeing with Bondi Beach Tea Co.'s Award-Winning Organic Teas 🌱

    At Bondi Beach Tea Co., we believe in the essence of good health, drawing from both mental and physical wellbeing. Our award-winning organic teas, blended and packed in Australia, are curated to inspire vitality, allowing you to fully embrace life's opportunities.
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    A Commitment to Quality, Health, and Entrepreneurship

    We stand as one of Australia's largest wholesalers of organic tea, synonymous with quality and wellness. Alongside our acclaimed teas, we provide tailored dietary plans for premium members, promoting a balanced lifestyle that harmonises body and mind. The journey to optimal health is an enriching experience, and we're here to accompany you with expertise and care.

    Start a Tea Business with Minimal Fuss

    Our unique business model offers aspiring entrepreneurs an unparalleled opportunity to launch their tea business with ease. With Bondi Beach Tea Co., starting a tea venture is an attainable dream, nurtured by our extensive experience and innovative approach.

    Nourishing Choices for Mind and Body

    Healthy eating habits are vital for nourishing both your body and soul. Break the cycle of unhealthy cravings with the rejuvenating touch of our organic tea blends. Through comprehensive wellness guidance, we foster a transformation towards a more fulfilled and healthier life.

    Experience Australia's Premium Organic Tea Blends

    The essence of fitness lies in conscious choices, relaxation, and balance. Our teas, celebrated for their rich flavours and aromatic allure, offer a serene pause in a bustling life. Allow our signature Acai Berry Tea and other blends to reconnect you with life's simple joys.

    Rejuvenate with Our Antioxidant-Rich Detox Teas

    Our detox teas, acclaimed across Australia, infuse your daily routine with energy and clarity. They cleanse and rejuvenate, aligning perfectly with a well-balanced diet and consistent exercise. This harmonious synergy propels you towards better health and enhanced vitality.

    Bondi Beach Tea Co. Your Partner in Health and Business Growth

    We understand the intricacies of adopting a healthier lifestyle and the entrepreneurial journey in the tea industry. With our premium organic teas and unique wholesale business model, we're dedicated to ensuring both your health and business thrive.

    Explore our extensive range of teas and business opportunities today, crafted with the precision and passion that make us Australia's trusted artisan craft tea specialists. Savour the taste of wellness and success, exclusively at Bondi Beach Tea Co.
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