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Bondi Serves the Best Organic Tea in Australia

We believe in good things at Bondi Tea. Good ingredients, good blends and an all-around good life. You see, there’s no need to take shortcuts or fake it to make it when you get so much joy in going the long way around. We believe in taking the extra steps that create true quality in our products. We also believe in the ones that make for lasting progress in your quest for better wellbeing.

That’s why we work hard to provide organic tea to all of Australia. Our products ship nationwide and always arrive fresh. It’s our simple way of helping you better enjoy the process of living healthy.

When it Comes to Tea, Organic Matters

Everyone has heard that organic doesn’t matter for everything you buy, but tea is not one of those things. Yes, some pesticides are removed from tea leaves during processing. Not all of them are removed, however, and any pesticides or chemicals that make it through processing end up in your tea. Studies have shown that regularly drinking tea containing these chemicals can actually be harmful to your health!

It’s not just about your health, though. Buying organic also supports small farmers and is much better for the environment. That’s why we go that extra step when we source our ingredients by working with organic and sustainable farms.

Tea Leaves are Preserved in a Way that Increases Potency

Tea has a tendency to degrade quickly once it’s been plucked from the plant. All plants degrade and increasingly lose nutritional value as they’re off the vine. In order to stop this natural process from affecting the strength and taste of the tea, most of the raw ingredients begin the preservation process within an hour of picking. They are dried at just the right speed to bring out their best flavours, then rolled until essential antioxidants are more easily released. This means you get a brew that’s potent and aromatic in a way that can only be made with truly fresh ingredients. So, you can buy our organic tea online and know it will always arrive fresh!

H2: Organic has all the Benefits with None of the Drawbacks

When you choose organic teas over regular varieties, you get all of the health benefits without any risk from pesticides. You simply have no way of knowing exactly how your tea was grown and harvested unless you are purchasing from a company you trust. That’s why organic blends are best, especially if you’ll be drinking the tea as part of your daily routine.

We have the following teas and more available from fresh, organic sources:

  • Paw Paw Leaf tea
  • Bondi Strong Breakfast Tea
  • Matcha Green Tea
  • Acai Berry Powder
  • Raspberry Leaf Tea

H2: Bondi Teas; Holistically Healthy and Always Delicious

There are no shortcuts to creating good products or good health, and that’s why you can trust us to provide you with simple ways to create a healthy lifestyle. We believe in doing things the right way, no shortcuts. It’s what yields the best results, after all. That’s why we work hard in sourcing our ingredients and creating our blends. Countless hours of research and professional collaboration go into every one of our products. We have a huge selection featuring some truly amazing blends of organic tea. Buy online in Australia and take advantage of our fast shipping today!

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