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Bondi Organic Paw Paw Leaf Tea

Emotional Eater turned Tea drinker :)

Love the taste making it easy for me to feel satiated with the tea instead of snacking :) It has helped to to have a go to when I am feeling like I am hungry, but in reality I am escaping my busy work desk for a break which usually only meant for snacks. Now I am making my teas, going for little walks while its steeping and voile, I've successfully rearranged my day to consume less calories :). Needless to say 2 weeks in and I've lost 1.4 kilos ...... very happy

Bondi Colon Cleanse Tea 28 Day Pack

Great flavour

The best Dandy tea around

Silicone and Stainless Steel Leaf Tea Strainer


This tea is like drinking a warm comforting hug. I love it.

Good brew!

Tastes really very good , recommend the paw paw leaf tea to all

Mothers Milk Support Tea

Rachel Higgins

Love it !!! Tried the 14 day detox and had fantastic results, I've since purchased the teas for 28 days plus some extra tea, tastes great, great results, feeling fantastic

Cheese fondue

I had heard that thyme tea went down well after a cheese fondue. I tried it and it works well. Will try it again

Bondi Snooze Tea πŸ’€

Bondi Organic Paw Paw Leaf Tea

Not as much product as before

Disappointed with the amount of tea for what I ended up paying compared to previous orders. Flavour nice though.


The Bondi Organic Paw Paw Leaf Teas was my first purchase from Bondi Beach Tea Co. Will definitely be back.

Organic pawpaw leaf tea

I have been drinking pawpaw leaf tea every day & i feel energised, my immune system has boost, i have been recommending to all my friends
Thank you :)


bought this for a friend whose sister was struggling with heart burn and reflux and it definitely calmed her and relieved the pain


Love this item, easy to use and clean plus it looks so happy in my cup! A must have if you want to include healthy loose leaf tea in your day! Thank you - Linda

Great fantastic

Super fast delivery and the best quality papaya leaves I've seen or tasted thanks

Prompt service and good quality.

The tea was of good quality and the service was very prompt. We would recommend it to anyone.

Acai Berry seems best

So far, Acai berry seems best but some would prefer honey with it for taste. When mixed with Bondi slim tea , the taste kind of compensate the absence of honey. Didn't get enough feed back yet but if I were to start, it might have to be Acai berry tea and Bondi Slim tea mix.Both same potion (50/50).Will let you know when though. Haven`t got enough reliable results yet. thx...cedric

great organic black tea thank you

Have not received it

Am still waiting for shipment

No news paid and am still waiting for shipment

Hi Kelly, Sorry for any issue. We can see from the tracking below your postman has attempted delivery 4 times from the 9th of June on. Can you please confirm your address? Regards,

We are enjoying the tea every evening. Highly Recommended.