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FREE Bondi Beach Tea Co. Eating Plan 2018

Great Quality Tea

Tea was high quality. Great flavors, variety, and prices


good product. quick delivery

Way too spicy for me

I’ve drunken lots of chai and this one was too much for me

Quality service

Received it well packed and quick. Bought these items for my mom who’s having difficulty to fall a sleep.

Diet, Exercise and Recipes eBook 2018

Love the tea thanks

Love the tea thanks for sending it

Jasmine Tea

Loved it!! Beautiful flavour


Very happy, all natural and no diuretics. Remember it’s not just the tea that helps detox and bring down weight but the healthy eating tips they suggest. I’m keen to do this teatox a few times a year!


Worked really well and made me feel great m

Bondi Spring Harvest - Premium Sencha Green Tea


I haven’t used it yet as I will take it back home next week so as my Better half can enjoy it with me

Beach tea

Very cleansing and pleasant to drink

Paw paw tea


i feel good

Love the tea

I love the tea so much . It helped a lot for my acne and I feel lighter .

I really enjoyed the teas...

They helped me feeling hungry all the time. If you follow the no sugar diet it will definitely help lose those extra kgs.

Heartburn relief

Refreshing taste, feels healthy!


Thank you for the Matcha body scrub. It smells delicious and my skin feels pampered.

Silicone and Stainless Steel Leaf Tea Strainer

Smells great.

I thought I would give the bath detox a try. I was very impressed. You can smell and see the roses in the pack. My skin feels cleaner after the bath and I felt revived not sleepy. I am not sure if it does detox your body but I love it anyway. I will buy more and use for Christmas presents.

Bondi Snooze Tea 💤


Was very helpful and in clarifying areas of eating in which should be improved and focused on

Tea time

Was okay maybe just not my flavour


What a great chai tea, beautiful flavour. Will buy again