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    Hibiscus Flower Tea - Organic
    Whit (Hobart, TAS, AU)
    Hibiscus tea

    Highly recommend this company this product is great as well ..
    Arrived quicker than I thought will be buying from these guys again

    Organic Tulsi Tea
    Peace Munezero (Perth, WA, AU)
    Organic Tulsi Tea

    I like this tea, I no longer take flu meds. As long as I feel am catching a flu, cold, allergy,, I take it 3 times a day. And It boosts my immune system.

    Bondi Slim Tea 28 day

    After finishing 1 pack of the 14-day detox tea, my tummy was visibly smaller and i feel lighter. Thank you for giving the world such a highly effective weight-loss product!

    Bondi Snooze Tea
    Lissa Mcloughlin (Brisbane, QLD, AU)

    Better sleep in forever - helps me settle quickly after waking up thank you

    Bondi Pure Green - Organic Matcha Green Tea
    Emily Herndon (Statesboro, GA, US)
    So yummy!

    Excellent product!! Love the quality. The taste is very earthy and enjoyable.

    Organic Beetroot Chai Latte
    Jo Jo (Adelaide, SA, AU)

    I'm fan of Beetroot Lattes and I'm happy with this product

    Bondi Unwind Tea
    Tiffany Rykbos (Victorville, CA, US)
    Quick, Friendly, Delicious

    I am in the beginning stages of research and finding my suppliers for my tea business, thus far I have to say that Bondi Beach Tea is a top contender, they are friendly, knowledgeable, and their teas are delicious! They will definitely be included into my next steps. As we work our way into the industry launch.

    Very good eating plan

    I find the eating plan and exercise plan in the Bondi Beach Tea diet, exercise and recipes book so good that I follow them even when I am not detoxing. I find that the eating plan is nice and balanced and helps keep my cravings under control, not to mention my weight. All in all, though the book is great with a lot of use full tips and information. The best decision I ever made was to download this book.

    Absolutely fantastic

    As a total non-believer in detoxing and herbal teas, you can take my word for it that these teas work. They are absolutely fantastic. As a first-time detoxer, I downloaded the eBook to get some advice and hints to help me along the way. I was really impressed with the amount of information in the book and it was like detox 101 and a blessing for a newbie like me.

    All you need to know

    You think you know all that you need to know about detoxing and dieting until you read the Bondi Beach Tea diet, exercise and recipes ebook. I couldnt believe how little I actually knew about the different foods and whether they are good or bad for you. The recipes alone made it worthwhile for me.

    The ultimate detox guide

    The Bondi Beach Tea diet, exercise, and recipes eBook is the ultimate detox guide and everybody needs a copy of it. The eating plan is simple and easy to follow, it doesnt leave you feeling hungry at all. Combined with the great Bondi slim teas it helped me lose weight, get rid of that pesky bloated feeling and pushed my energy levels up to the point where I started exercising. Which is a first for me but I am loving it.

    Full of info

    If you are planning a detox and what to do it right the first time then I highly recommend that you download the Bondi Beach Tea diet, exercise, and recipes ebook. It has a wealth of information it that will help you along the way through your detox. I give the eating plan as well as the exercise plan two thumbs up.

    Very valuable book

    You just cant put a price on this valuable book. The information and eating plan are priceless. I love the book and recommend that everyone doing a detox get a copy. I almost doubled my weight loss when I followed the eating plan in the book as opposed to when I didnt. Dont even let me get started on the recipes in the book because I can go on for hours about how delicious they are.

    I am so grateful

    I am so grateful to the Bondi Beach Tea Company for this amazing eBook. I cannot tell you how much time the knowledge I gained from the book saved me. When you have tried as many detoxes as I have you tend to think you already know all there is to know but trust me when I tell you that you dont. At least I didnt. I love this book and I am so happy I downloaded it.

    Worth every cent

    I avoided downloading the eBook for a long time because generally, they are a waste of money and useless. I wanted to do everything right during my detox because I had limited time to slim down and shape up to fit into a dress that I was planning to wear to my best friends wedding. I can tell you it was worth it and full of valuable information. Thanks to the book and the teas I have a flatter stomach than what I have had in years.

    Brilliant book

    These guys at Bondi Beach Tea Company never cease to amaze me, not only are their teas the best that I have ever tried (and believe me I have tried a lot) but they also have this handy ebook that I thought was great value for money. I used all the tips and tricks in the book to help me during my detox and they worked fantastically. I lost 6kgs during my last detox and it was easy.

    Cant live without it

    I did a 28-day detox and used all the information that I found in this book during the detox. By the end of the first week, I was feeling good, I had no more bloatedness and I was full of energy. By week two is was following the exercise plan and losing weight. After the detox, I still use the recipes in the book because they are good and tasty. I learned a lot from this book.

    Easy to follow guide

    I never start a detox without reading this ebook again. The tips and guidelines are easy to follow and very important to know. The first time I read the book I was shocked by how clueless I actually am when it comes to these things. I have definitely had much more effective detoxes since I have had the book.

    Love the book

    I love the Bondi Beach tea diet, exercise and recipes book, it is jam packed with useful information. Information that everyone starting a detox needs to know. I definitely achieved better results when I used the eating plan in the book during my detox. I love the teas, they are tasty and always make me feel more energetic than when I dont drink them.

    You have to get it

    You have to get this book if you are planning on doing a detox. It had much, much more information than I was expecting and it is definitely great value for money. I love all the recipes in the book and the eating plan is easy to follow and saved me loads of time. It would have taken hours to get all the information together. It downloaded immediately which was awesome.

    A must have for a detox

    If you are planning on doing a detox but you dont really know where to start, well dont feel alone because that is exactly how I felt before I found this book. The book taught me what to expect from a detox, how and when to drink the teas and the eating plan and recipes helped me do the shopping for my detox. I lost 4 kgs more during the detox with the eating plan than the previous one without it.

    Exercise plan is fantastic

    So I have admitted defeat and realized as I may not know as much as I thought about detox eating plans and exercising. Luckily Bondi Beach tea company came to my rescue with the amazing Bondi Beach tea diet, exercise, and recipes book. These guys know what they are talking about and following their advice and guidelines made all the difference in the world.

    Best ever

    I must say the best detox I ever did was when I followed the instructions and the eating plan that I found in the ebook that I downloaded. I was never a huge yoga fan but the exercise plan also in the book made me want to learn it and I still do at least 20 minutes daily. There is a lot of stuff in the ebook that I was not aware of. I am so glad I decided to download the Bondi Beach tea diet, exercise and recipes book, it just reminded me that you are never too old to learn.

    Jam packed with information

    I have to thank Bondi Beach tea company for the great ebook, there is more information and tips in the book than what I was expecting, it truly is invaluable and I have learned so much from it. I found the nutritional information of the vegetables especially interesting. My favorite recipe is the crunchy papaya salad with prawns, it is heavenly. Get the book you wont be sorry.