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Based on 1188 reviews
Great taste

This tea was so yum. And I definitely saw a difference after 28 days

Doesn’t have a strong spicy taste

I personally prefer a stronger spicier chai, which is why the rating isn’t very high.

Cute tea infuser

Looks good I haven’t used it yet.

Love this product

I am on the AIP diet and this delicious product combined with canned coconut milk, cloves and a little xylitol, strained, then frothed with my coffee machine wand makes an irresistible dairy free, sugar free coffee substitute. The highlight of my day!

Great product

Fantastic delivery - thanks

Favourite detox tea!

I tried this tea a while ago and I loved it! I lost a whole size and could fit into a pair of new jeans i was desperate to fit into! I liked it so much I re order it again to take the month prior to my wedding!

The Bondi B-Slim Detox 28-Day Program

Lovely 💓

Beautifully balanced and softens the skin. Love this!

GREAT recipes in the book!

It works!

I’ve slimmed down from releasing all the built up toxins and fluid in my body. I feel more energised and I’m eating better Cos it’s cut down my sugar craving.

Dandelion tea

My new favourite hot drink. I love it.


No sugar craving. Eating smaller serves. Less defecation. Reduced social filter.

Very happy with the product and the flavour

Quick Postage on receiving product. Overall no complaints, only positive comments a great service and assistance 😊

Nice and fresh worked for me

Sorry I cannot comment as I only bought it for my daughter who is having a baby by end of this month or early next month

Heartburn tea

I haven’t had to use it yet!


Great product. Looks great works well easy to clean I might ever buy another one

Organic english breakfast tea.

Very nice product, not the strongest english breakfast so needed to use a bit more than the recommended amount but will definitely buy again.


It's great thanks. I love it. Wish I'd bought one years ago. It certainly makes a better cup of tea than using tea bags. Wonderful flavour.
Thanks too for a speedy delivery of the infuser, guys.... :)


Love the products love the taste

Slim Detox Bondi Beach Tea


Book review

Essy to read, well organized, relevant and useful information. Good purchase!

Spring tonic!

This is a very earthy tea, but I find it very pleasant. Nettle is very healthy, which is why I bought the tea, and although it has a spinachy flavour I feel more relaxed and healthier drinking it because of its natural diuretic effect. Nettle tea helps my body shed excess salt and water. I just put nettle loose leaf in my tea thermos, and I'm good for the morning.
I will definitely order this again!