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Bondi Acai Berry Tea
cindy retailleau (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Not bad not good

Very happy with the peppermint and chamomile tea, unlike the 2 other ones.
Quality is lower than expected compare to other brands I have tested previously. Bit dry

Organic Spiced Chai Latte
kevin crick (Sydney, NSW, AU)

Great products and service,all the products are great quality

Raw Dandelion Root Tea - Organic
Colleen Treloggen (Richmond, VIC, AU)
Accidentally bought raw instead of roasted

I tried to roast them but it doesn’t come out way the roasted dandy does. Definitely roasted dandy in future!

The Bondi B-Slim Detox 14-Day Program
Mark Maloy (Kearsley, NSW, AU)

Nice Brew

Grapefruit & Rose Detox Bath Salts
Samantha McAuley (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Best bath salts.

These are the loveliest smelling bath salts you’ll ever lie in. I so recommend them!! For all the bathers out there 🥰🛀🌸

Stainless Steel Mesh Premium Tea Infuser - Tea Strainer
Kiet Hoang (Glen Waverley, VIC, AU)

Stainless Steel Mesh Premium Tea Infuser - Tea Strainer

Chamomile Flower Tea - Organic
David Collins (Sydney, NSW, AU)

Excellent service, quick delivery, very happy with the product.

Bondi Jasmine Tea
Lucy Halliday (Brisbane, QLD, AU)

Absolutely divine! X

The Bondi B-Slim Detox 14-Day Program
mary bongiorno (Melbourne, VIC, AU)
Yummy tea

Thank you for your fresh and delicious tasting teas. They are very different to other commercial teas. I am enjoying them very much.

Stainless Steel Mesh Premium Tea Infuser - Tea Strainer

Bondi Organic Paw Paw/Papaya Leaf Tea
Kiet Hoang (Melbourne, VIC, AU)
Very good, in testing for using it.

Too soon to say but I am pleased at the present time

Organic Premium Sencha Green Tea
Sam (Sydney, NSW, AU)
Best tea I’ve had

Best tea I’ve had… also using it to make Kombucha! Amazing!

Elderflower Tea - Organic
Wessels (Adelaide, SA, AU)
Elderflower tea - organic

Great service, delivered in a flash. The tea is light, fresh, delicious and doing us a whole lot of good…thank you Bondi Beach Tea.
Stay safe xxx

Bondi Colon Cleanse Tea 28 Day Pack
Carolyn Eames (Richmond, VIC, AU)
Colon Cleanse Tea

I am really enjoying taking it and love the taste

Bulk Organic Black Tea
Joanne Colquhoun (Sydney, NSW, AU)
A bit disappointing to begin with

I need to use more tea leaves to get a good taste from this tea.

Turmeric Chai Tea
Natalie (Melbourne, VIC, AU)
My favourite chai

Ive been brewing this chai with almond milk it is by far my favourite

Amazing tea

I have tried a lot of different teas that claim to boost milk supply. This tea boosted my supply after the first cup and I now have 3 cups a day to maintain my supply. I will continue to purchase and consume this tea until I stop breastfeeding.

Lemon Balm Leaf Tea - Organic
Kelly Hogben (Adelaide, SA, AU)
Lemon tea

Nice tea blend

Bondi Unwind Tea
Jeff Friedland (Capac, MI, US)
First order

We ordered 8 different teas and would like to say the customer service was excellent. About 10 of us sampled each blend and found each to be high quality and extremely tasty. We look forward to our next order!!

Organic Ginger and Paw Paw/ Papaya Leaf Tea

Such a delicious tea, the ginger stands out a lot which I love. Perfect to have in the morning and before bed. Great tea to cleanse when you’re feeling a bit bloated. I will be purchasing more 😍 thank you Bondi Beach Tea Co

Absolutely perfect

I have purchased many different tea infusers in my time but these are by far the best. They fit all my cups and the mesh is so fine it keeps out nearly every unwanted particle. Everything else is going back into the pantry and these infusers take pride of place. Thank you :)

The Bondi B-Slim Detox 28-Day Program
My Son (Melbourne, VIC, AU)
good smell

The tea is easy to drink but I don't see the weight loss as expected

Bondi Snooze Tea
Wendy Bankes (Melbourne, VIC, AU)

I love this tea , it’s a beautiful part of my evening ritual before bed .
A perfect blend not too strong on the chamomile

Hibiscus Flower Tea - Organic
Raymond Haagensen (Dunmore, NSW, AU)

One thing I would like to know, how much potassium is there in 1 cup?
I like the Hibiscus Flower tea, & will be re-ordering
I order it to help with my high blood pressure,
I am going to look up Anthony Will;i am books
Ray Haagensen

happy with results

So far so good abit concerned about why the fact that it can affect your contraceptive pill isn't somewhere in big writing but otherwise very happy with results