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  • Natural Tea Ingredients that can Detox Your Liver

    June 20, 2018 4 min read

    Natural Tea Ingredients that can Detox Your Liver

    Natural Tea Ingredients that can Detox Your Liver

     Here’s some key reasons why a liver detox is uber important for your body and how to do it

     The liver is one of the largest organs of the body. It takes up the majority of space under the ribs as well as some of the space in the left upper abdomen.

     Why is the liver so important?

     Vital metabolic functions are of primary focus to the liver. This major organ works tirelessly processing, storing, altering, and detoxifying substances that are absorbed from our diet. These substances can include nutrients, medications and alcohol. Once the liver has processed them, the substances are either passed back into the blood or released into the bowel for elimination.

     The liver is like a cleaner for removing alcohol from your blood and ridding any by-products that are broken down from medications.

     The liver is important for the health of our blood, producing proteins which are vital aids for blood clotting and breaking down old or damaged blood cells.

     How the liver helps with fat metabolism

     In aiding with fat metabolism, the liver cells break down fats and manufacture energy for the body. The cells also produce bile which too plays a role in breaking down fats and monitoring their absorption.

     How the liver helps with metabolising carbohydrates

     The liver plays a role in making sure blood glucose levels stay constant. After a meal, the liver will either remove sugar from the blood and store it as glycogen or break down stores of glycogen to release more sugar back into the blood. This helps with the metabolism of carbohydrates.

     The liver also stashes away vitamins and minerals to release into the blood as needed.

     How the liver helps with metabolising proteins

     Liver cells convert amino acids from foods into an energy product or make carbohydrates and fats. Ammonia is a by-product of this process, which happens to be a toxic substance. The liver takes on the job of converting ammonia into a friendlier substance known as urea. Urea is then sent back out into the blood and transported to the kidneys to be passed out of the system. [1]

     With all these important functions of the liver it is vital that it performs at its best and crucial that we do our best to take care of it.

     How can a liver detox help?

     Today, we are subject to many environmental toxins in our homes, workplace, and the environment in general. A liver cleanse or detox is a great way to give the liver a re-charge and help rid our body of these toxic substances that put extra stress on the liver.

    Here are some natural aids which could help with your own liver detox.


    Dandelion has been traditionally used in the treatment of many liver-related disorders.

    One particular study undertaken on mice was enough to substantiate the traditional use of dandelion root for hepatic (liver-related) disorders. This study showed an inactivation of hepatic stellate cells and the enhancement of some regenerative capabilities. [2]


    Turmeric is currently under the microscope of researchers for potential benefits linked to a variety of conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, depression, prostate health, and chronic pain. [3] But, research has already proven the benefits of turmeric for liver health.

    This yellow-coloured spice, which is popular in Indian dishes, can reduce joint pain, aid in digestion, help to maintain a healthy blood sugar level, and supports healthy liver tissue and metabolism. [4]

    Milk Thistle

    Milk thistle has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is thought to help promote a healthy digestive system by boosting the production of bile and soothing the mucous membranes. It can help to eliminate the build-up of heavy metals, medication by-products, environmental pollutants, and alcohol in the liver. [5]

    Other beneficial foods for a liver detox

    Freshly made vegetable juice can be a good aid to help with giving your liver a re-boot. Juicing vegetables means that the nutrients are easier to digest and readily available for absorption.

    According to Dr Draxe, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts and cabbage are among the best for the liver. However, vegetables such as carrots, beetroot and greens also have their benefit. He says these vegetables help to create a friendlier PH balance in the body. The beta-carotene in carrots is converted into vitamin A to help flush out toxins and reduce fat in the liver.

    Potassium-rich foods such as bananas, white beans and kidney beans, sweet potatoes, beet greens and spinach are also on Dr Draxe’s list of favourites for a liver cleanse.


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