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  • The Power of Natural Antibiotics

    June 12, 2018 3 min read

    The Power of Natural Antibiotics

    The Power of Natural Antibiotics.

    Antibiotics have become an easy out cure for a lot of basic illnesses these days. Whether it is more for convenience, people seem to have a greater dependence on little pills and potions than ever before. 

    Antibiotics don’t just impact on the bad bacteria in the body; they also attack your good. If you don’t replenish your system with healthy foods and probiotics, you can actually be doing your insides some injustice. Overuse of antibiotics can wreak havoc on your digestive system, and in fact, lower your natural defence to infections.

    So, what is the cure? How can you keep the bugs at bay without using antibiotics?

    Following are some power foods, packed with antibiotic properties that can help ward off unwanted nasties from your system.

    1. Garlic

    With its devilish taste, garlic is a herb which is well-famed for its use in medicine mixes for thousands of years. Garlic has some amazing properties that help to kill off pathogens, which include antifungal, antibiotic, antiviral, and antimicrobial. It has a high degree of antioxidants that also support immune function.

    Garlic it best crushed, grated or chopped to activate its beneficial properties, then you can enjoy it in a tea, eaten raw, or added to your favourite dish. Don’t forget your mints if you’re enjoying garlic in the middle of the day!

    1. Oil of Oregano

    This oil is antiviral and antifungal, packing natural antibiotic properties that help to rid bad bacteria. The main antimicrobial ingredient is carvacrol which is also beneficial for your liver.

    1. Colloidal Silver

    Used for centuries, colloidal silver is one of the strongest natural antibiotics known to mankind. It performs its magic by disabling the enzyme that single-celled bacteria, viruses and fungi require so they can metabolise oxygen. This suffocates the destructive cell while leaving the human enzymes alone, and rids the disease-producing organisms from the body.

    You can use this orally or topically. Topically, either placed under the tongue or consumed in a glass of water. It’s best to hold the dose in your mouth for as long as possible to allow the silver to be absorbed through the skin. If using it topically, it is sprayed into abrasions, burns, skin infections, and acne. You can also use it as nose drops, an eyewash, or ear drops.

    1. Manuka Honey

    Great tasting as well as great for you, now here’s a win, win. Manuka honey does favours for the body as well as the taste buds.  It is said to kill off a variety of pathogens when applied topically, namely MRSA (Staph) infection and flesh-eating bacteria.

    Manuka honey is also said to be able to help with the severity or occurrence of some cancers due to its anti-carcinogenic properties. It is anti-inflammatory to help reduce swelling and pain. It is also said to help with sore throats, athletes foot, nail fungus, stomach ulcers, eczema, and insect bites.

    1. Echinacea

    Known for its uses through the years to treat open wounds, blood poisoning, diphtheria and other diseases caused by bacteria, nowadays Echinacea is generally used to fight off colds and flu.

    So, before the runny nose cold and flu season takes hold, maybe you can save yourself a trip to your GP for your regular bottle of antibiotic pills. Try some of these natural remedies instead. You might like to top them off with a cup or two of Bondi Beach Tea Co. natural blends.

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