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  • Why You Should Sleep Naked

    April 21, 2015 2 min read

    Why You Should Sleep Naked

    Why You Should Sleep Naked by Bondi Beach Tea Co.


    For some people sleeping naked comes naturally. For others the thought of it is repulsive. Let’s try to put all our ideas aside and look at the health benefits of sleeping in the buff. Sleeping naked offers several health benefits to your body, ranging from an improved hormonal balance and mood to better sex.

    It’s time to go commando!

    1. Body Temp


    As you sleep your body temperature gradually declines. Having warm heavy pyjamas can slow down this cooling down process, leading to disrupted sleep. Surprisingly the optimal temperature for restorative sleep is between 16 to 20 degrees Celsius. Sleeping naked will avoid the body from overheating, and will, therefore, lead to a better night’s sleep. Best-selling author and naturopath Natasha Turner warns being too warm while sleeping disrupts the release of melatonin and growth/anti-aging hormones into your body.


    2. Weight Loss


    A good night’s sleep has been reported to lower stress levels and inflammation in the body. In fact, the whole body runs better after a good night’s sleep. When you feel well, you tend not over to eat or crave comfort foods. As we all know, we want to get rid of sugar in our diet. When stressed, people usually crave sugar.


    3. Air Your Bits


    Many health professionals will agree for women ventilation down below will increase its ability to stay dry and reducing the likelihood of fungal infection. For men, sleeping naked has been found to increase fertility by keeping the testes at a reasonable temperature.

    Nicole Prause, a Research Scientist at the University of California USA, says “Sleeping naked would reduce the ability of those (always-present) bacteria to overwhelm the normal healthy vaginal flora.”

    4. More Sex


    Skin-on-skin contact is so comforting and helps release the feel-good hormone oxytocin in your body. Sleeping naked encourages sex and a sexier relationship.

    Oh having trouble sleeping? One of the best ways to stop insomnia is by having sex!


    5. Helps Your Body Detox


    Giving the biggest organ in our body, the skin, time to breath may not be such a bad idea and would help with any detox or cleanse you are doing. Especially if you our on our Bondi Beach Tea Co. Teatox Detox.

    Many people with body acne have reported that sleeping naked helped alleviate the issue. We are in clothes all day, and some of it may be man-made fibre.  Breath sleep cleanse heal.

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