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  • Which Herbs are Good for Skin Health?

    November 19, 2018 5 min read

    Which Herbs are Good for Skin Health?

    Which Herbs are Good for Skin Health?

    The health of our skin is very important to our overall wellbeing. Here we discuss common skin ailments and the benefits of herbal tea for its upkeep.

    Health is important to our team at Bondi Tea Co., and that is why we created a range of herbal teas especially designed for women’s health. Moreover, caring for our health all starts with our skin; which happens to be the largest organ of the human body.

    Why is the health of our skin so important to Bondi Beach Tea Co.?

    On average, human skin stretches across an area of two square metres and weighs an average of four kilograms. Our skin is made up of two layers. These layers settle over a foundation of fatty tissue which connects our skin to our muscles and skeleton:

    1. Layer one is called the epidermis (the outer layer)
    2. Layer two is called the dermis (the inner layer)

    The dermis is home to a multifaceted system of blood vessels, nerve endings, sebaceous glands, lymphatic vessels, sweat glands and hair follicles.

    Collectively, our skin is an important and busy workhorse providing a protective wall for our internal organs. It is a defender against environmental pathogens and toxic substances. It gives us additional insulation helping to regulate our temperature. It processes the substances vital for our health and wellbeing, including vitamin D and melanin, which has a protective role against UV damage.

    Our skin also plays an important role in helping to regulate fluid loss and plays a part as an excretory channel for detoxification.

    The nerve receptors found within the dermis are responsible for those sensory actions we feel such as heat, cold, pressure and pain.

    That’s a lot of information to soak in, and we have only just scratched the surface (figuratively speaking).

    With anything as abundantly important, and of the magnitude of our skin, it is no surprise we find common ailments. Some skin ailments are easier to cure than others, and traditional herbal treatments have been successfully used to help cure many of those.

    Common skin ailments include dry and itchy or excessively oily skin, eczema, dermatitis, and the autoimmune condition of psoriasis (a skin condition well-identified by the appearance of dry, red patches with silvery scales). The health of our skin can also be an indicator of more adverse conditions. Some conditions can also damage the integrity of our skin making it more susceptible to pathogenic invasion and infection.

    All in all, it is important to maintain the health of our skin.

    So, what are some benefits for your skin that you can experience through herbal tea?

    The use of herbs for treatment and prevention of illness is well-documented throughout Chinese medicine. However, herbal tea may also provide aids in skin health and overall health and wellbeing. Following are some traditional links to herbs used in tea for the health of our skin.


    Burdock is a herb native to China and is often used to help treat skin conditions. In Chinese medicine, the Burdock plant is manipulated to clear heat, resolve damp, dispel wind and eliminate toxins (detoxification). The root specifically is traditionally famed for helping to reduce the accumulation of toxins and waste in the body. It is also used in food therapy to treat constipation. [1]

    Burdock traditionally is also linked to anti-inflammatory actions, which are particularly beneficial for helping to fight off acne and dermatitis, and helping to cleanse the skin.

    * Tip: Burdock root features in Bondi Beach Tea Co.’s Fresh Face Complexion Tea. To read more about this tasty tea blend and its benefits,click here.

    Green tea

    Along with its many reported benefits for health and wellbeing, green tea may also help to reduce the risk of sunburn.

    According to Dr Jessica Wu, a clinical associate professor of dermatology at the University of Southern California Medical School, sunscreen that contains green tea can reduce DNA damage and the risk of sunburn. She says another idea to help with the cause is to apply green tea on top of your sunscreen before you go outside.

    Through its high content of catechins, green tea also boasts strong anti-inflammatory properties, is an antioxidant and has anti-aging benefits for the skin. Dr Wu says,

    “Topical green tea can also help thicken the epidermis, speed the healing of wounds and inhibit an enzyme in your skin that causes uneven pigmentation, which means fewer sun spots”.

    For some high-quality, natural green tea blends, check out our range from Bondi Beach Tea Co:


    A herb used for centuries throughout India, turmeric boasts powerful anti-inflammatory properties through its high concentration of the antioxidant curcumin. It also enhances detoxification and helps to neutralise free radicals which can cause the premature signs of aging. Turmeric may also help to speed up wound healing and improve collagen disposition. [2]

    * Tip: You can read more about the benefits of turmeric (and score a tasty turmeric tea recipe) on one of our recent Bondi Beach Tea Co. articlesonline here.


    Not specifically related to women’s health, we thought we would throw this one in for all those readers with male partners (or family and friends) who like to sport a healthy beard.

    These days, a sexy five o’clock shadow is all the rage. However, a beard sprouting patches of redness, flaking, itchy skin and irritation around the mouth (we called this “pash rash” back in my day..) or chin and cheeks is never a good look, nor comfortable for anyone. Chamomile may help to relieve this.

    Dr Wu says that chamomile has a special power to reduce redness, itchiness and swelling, and is a very good alternative to cortisone.

    To treat beard burn, as it is commonly referred to (uh hum… or pash rash), try steeping a chamomile tea bag for two to three minutes to release its anti-inflammatory enzymes. Then, allow the tea bag cool in the fridge in a leak-proof container. Once cooled, apply the tea bag directly to the irritated areas for instant relief.

    * Tip: to help keep your skin beautifully pampered, try our Bondi Beach Tea Co.Matcha Mint Body Scrub!

    The benefits of healthy skin are more about looking beautiful. Healthy skin helps to maintain our wellbeing and fight off pathogens. Quality herbal tea is one way to boost the process naturally.

    Bondi Beach Tea Co. offers a full range of herbal teas beneficial for skin health as well as your overall wellbeing. To read more about these in detail, and for plenty more skin and beauty tips, check out our informative website here.

    Stay up-to-date with the latest Bondi Beach Tea Co. news and helpful articles; subscribe to ournewsletter here and follow us on Facebook@BondiBeachTea or Instagram@bondibeachtea.


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