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  • Too Expensive To Do? A Look At The Feasibility Of A Healthy Lifestyle

    November 04, 2019 2 min read

    Too Expensive To Do? A Look At The Feasibility Of A Healthy Lifestyle
    Only 7% of Australians are healthy, according to Deakin University. Researchers determined that education and income factor into the sort of health people have. Given that while  Australians want to be healthy but aren’t always able to achieve this, a mentality that a healthy lifestyle isn’t affordable has started to take root in people. So it's worth asking: is living a healthy lifestyle too expensive?
    What’s A Healthy Lifestyle?
    A healthy lifestyle is a combination of healthy eating, physical activity and a good weight,  according to the Queensland Government. Attaining the right balance for a healthy lifestyle requires an active and conscious decision on your part. After all, eating healthily, getting the right exercise, and knowing how to maintain a healthy weight can be difficult for a beginner. It helps to have the input of experts like a doctor, a dietician or a personal trainer. All of this may require some funding in order to jump start and sustain. But how much does it really cost?
    A Talk Of Costs
    The belief is that a healthy lifestyle is beyond the capacity of lower-income households because healthy food is expensive. As it turns out, unhealthy diets that include sugary drinks, alcoholic drinks and takeout food cost a lot more than healthy diets, according to  The Australian Prevention Partnership Centre. So the problem isn’t about the cost of healthy food; it’s mostly about time and accessibility. Thankfully, there are easier avenues like eBay, Amazon and Woolworths that deliver groceries straight to your door. Online options also provide a way for consumers to obtain discounts and even earn eBay points. It's also cheaper to buy local produce, and it also helps to draw up a plan so you’ll only buy what you need.
    Sustaining The Switch
    Choosing to start a healthy lifestyle can be easy, but what makes it difficult is sustaining the switch. It helps to know what options exist to help you stick to your plan. Making simple changes is a key part of this. For example, choosing to add flaxseeds to your meals can help your body have more antioxidants and Omega 3. Other helpful herbs like Garcinia Cambogia can help with cutting down to a healthy weight. If you really want to stick to the switch, it helps to subscribe to a program like The Bondi B-Slim Detox 14-Day Program. If budget is the main concern, it helps to avoid “superfood” trends. Healthy staples like carrots, potatoes and lentils are always affordable, and while they don't get the press of so-called "superfoods," they are rich in health benefits. It also helps to consult with online resources like Health Direct. If you’ve got a family, it helps to start promoting healthy lifestyle habits early. That way, children can grow up to naturally have better habits than adults who decided to make a change later on in their lives.
    There are some expected costs that come with a lifestyle change, but these can be weathered with careful planning and help from experts. A healthy lifestyle can be challenging to start and to sustain, but it is ultimately the road that will take you to an overall positive future. Keeping that in mind can help you maintain your good lifestyle.

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