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  • The Secret 🤐 to Losing Weight by Drinking Tea

    April 18, 2018 4 min read

    The Secret 🤐 to Losing Weight by Drinking Tea

    Can you really lose weight by drinking tea? Find out how to capitalise on nature’s goodness.

     It is getting closer to Winter. The time of the year when many of us hibernate into warmer clothes and become less active. For some reason, motivation levels disappear as fast as the Winter chill arrives.

    Winter is a wonderland of warm stews, soups and dishes that made your grandma famous. Here we cue the mental imagery of a fireplace, ugg boots, and a toasty tea cup brimming with herbal tea infusions. That’s right – Winter is the perfect time of year to start accommodating those weight-loss goals you have been procrastinating with all Summer. It is time to start your journey to lose weight by drinking tea!

     Okay, whoa up – you can’t really lose weight just by drinking tea, right?

     The answer is a little more complex than a straight yes or no. Herbal and weight loss teas are traditionally renowned for their potential to kick-start weight loss. These teas are not a miracle liquid that will rid your body of fat cells or tone up your abs – this is done through commitment and dedication to the cause.

     To lose weight by drinking tea, you need to understand a few fundamentals about how the entire process works. So, let’s get started with some ‘lose weight by drinking tea – lessons 101’.

     How does drinking tea coincide with weight loss?

     Not all teas are associated with weight loss, and there are teas more superior to others when it comes to weight loss benefits. Detox teas and weight loss teas are generally branded specifically as they contain specialised ingredients.

     As one of our previous articles states, weight loss teas are designed to aid in the body’s metabolic process, trim down fat, and help to curb appetite. Read more about this here.

     What are two of the best teas to drink for weight loss?

     Each to their own, however, evidence holds high in our Bondi Beach Tea Co. books. We believe our top two weight loss tea heroes hold the secret to losing weight when combined with a healthy eating plan and regular exercise.

     Green tea

     Green tea has been brewed and enjoyed in Asian cultures for centuries. Now, popular within the western world too, green tea has fast become known world-wide for some pretty impressive benefits.

     Interested in reading more about the origins of tea? Check out our blog:why using a tea strainer for loose tea is better than tea bags.

     EGCG is the main polyphenolic compound found in green tea. EGCG exhibits plenty of therapeutic properties that help our insides:


    • anti-atherosclerosis (build-up of plaque in the arteries)
    • anti-cardiac hypertrophy and anti-myocardial infarction (heart-related)
    • anti-diabetes
    • anti-inflammatory
    • antioxidant
    • help to prevent LDL cholesterol [1]

     When used as detox, drinking green tea has been linked to helping burn fat, lose weight, and improving overall physical performance. There are reports linking green tea to increased metabolic rates in human trials, which could lead to a reduction of stubborn belly fat. [2]

     One particular study that researched the effects of green tea consumption on a standardised diet of 60 obese people saw more positive results. This study found that those who drank green tea as part of the planned diet lost an incredible 3.3kg more than those who did not drink the tea [3].

     Herbal tea

    Herbal teas are generally an infusion of herbs, fruits and spices in water. Herbal teas do not typically have any added caffeine content.

    Herbal teas come in many varieties. However, we prefer those that are organic and 100% natural.

    Ingredients are varied across brands, but those we include in our weight loss teas, and their traditional benefits, are:

    • Burdock root– slimming properties
    • Dandelion leaf – detox and removal of excess water from the body
    • Hibiscus – anti-ageing properties, high in antioxidants
    • Yerba mate’ – digestion, mental focus and weight loss (90% more antioxidants than green tea)
    • Acai berry – natural antioxidant
    • Schisandra – focus and lasting power
    • Calendula – skin health

     Ginger, rooibos and rosehip are other natural ingredients often found in weight loss tea.

     How to drink tea to lose weight?

     We believe that all good things take time to perfect. Our tea masters at Bondi Beach Tea Co. recommend enjoying two cups of Bondi Slim each day. Drink one cup in the morning before breakfast and the other in the afternoon.

     To optimise weight loss results, combine our Bondi Slim with our Colon Cleanse tea for a full detox tea regime.

     When brewing your tea, the trick is to take it slow:

     Fill your kettle with fresh water and let it boil

    1. Add one level teaspoon of Bondi Slim into your Bondi tea leaf strainer
    2. Pour the boiling water into your teacup and allow at least 15mm at the top of the cup for the weight of the tea
    3. Place the tea leaf strainer into your cup of water
    4. Allow the tea to steep for a minimum of five minutes. If you prefer a richer flavour, leave it in the water for a little longer

     For more information about how to drink tea to lose weight - check out ourbeginners guide to detox tea.

     Following are some of our other articles which you might find beneficial for learning how to drink tea to lose weight:


    1. Herbal teas – as good as they are made out to be
    2. Why is weightloss tea so effective
    3. How to brew tea like a tea master

    To get you completely warmed up and ready for Winter, check out this tasty detox green tea chicken noodle soup recipe we sourced online at Yummly. After all, you don’t just have to have tea in a teacup.

    Print your own copy of the recipe here.

    Bondi Beach Tea Co. has a range of natural herbal teas renowned traditionally for a variety of benefits. To drink tea to lose weight – start by shopping our full range of Bondi Beach Tea Co. blends.


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    2. Healthline: 10 proven benefits of green tea
    3. NCBI: Effectiveness of green tea on weight reduction in obese Thais: A randomized, controlled trial

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