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  • Sleeping💤 with Pink🎀

    May 14, 2017 3 min read

    Sleeping with Pink

    Sleeping💤 with Pink🎀. Researchers Find How to Achieve a Better Night’s Rest and Memory Retention Through Sound.

    It seems that noise can be as varied as the colours of a rainbow. Who knew? And what’s more interesting, research has uncovered the vast colours of noise can offer a mixture of benefits for our sleep patterns and memory retention.

    White noise is usually associated with helping a baby get to sleep through a background of soothing rain or a regular heartbeat. It has even featured in scenes from scary movies of the past (we all remember Poltergeist, right?). White noise is the result of a combination of different frequencies.

    Pink noise, in comparison, is a sound where each octave transmits the same amount of power or an exact, consistent frequency. It’s like rain falling in a continuous pattern on concrete, or wind gushing through the same branches of a tree. Pink noise is not intended to assist you with falling asleep, but it is meant to help you remain in a deeper asleep and slow your brainwaves.

    China’s Peking University associate professor, Jue Zhang, Ph.D., explains that pink noise is called just that, because light with a similar power spectrum, would be pink in colour.

    So now we have the basics straight for what is pink noise, let’s delve into the secrets about sleep, in particular looking at the benefits of pink noise.

    Zhang and his team at the University in China, recruited 50 volunteers to undergo sleep research. These volunteers were subjected to pink noise or no noise at all during their sleep, and their brain activity was monitored. It was reported that 75% of the volunteers experienced more peaceful sleep. The brain monitoring activity reported a 23% increase of more stable sleep on those inclined to have nightmares.

    The study showed results of pink noise slowing and regulating their brain waves, which lead to a more restful sleep.

    It is said that sound may also play an important role in improving our memories. As we get older, our sleep starts to fragment, and we don’t enjoy as much slow wave sleep, which can result in memory decline. Slow brainwaves are experienced in our deepest form of sleep. If we try to boost the amount of deep sleep our bodies receive, it may help combat the decline of cognition experienced.

    Done through science, it is alleged the pink noise pulses are timed to match in with your admission to slow wave sleep. The sound relates to the same beat as your brainwaves and seems to boost the effectiveness of valuable and elusive deep sleep. 

    Slow wave sleep is vital for memory consolidation and the aptitude to take in material learned across the day with older material and memories.

    Pink noise is not about sleeping for longer, but more for quality over quantity. You could have less rest, but researchers believe you should remember more in the morning.

    Pink noise is not as readily available as the sleep aids with white noise. However, it won’t be long before technology catches up and we have a machine at the ready for bedtime.

    In the meantime, if you need some help with catching some zzz's, Bondi Beach Tea Co. snooze blend might be all that you’re looking for. Try our blend of tasty, natural tea, and reap the benefits of a better night’s rest.

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