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  • 4 Ways to Detox Your Body

    May 11, 2017 2 min read

    4 Ways to Detox Your Body

    Regularly detoxing your body can be extremely beneficial to remove harmful toxins, contaminants and chemicals that can build up within your body over time from foods, products and even the air we breathe.

    Without a detox, these harmful toxins can create health issues and also affect the way we look, function and feel on a day to day basis.

    There are numerous ways you can safely detox your body, here are our top 4 ways to safely and efficiently detox your body to gain back your energy and health!

    Be mindful of your skin

    Your skin absorbs everything that is placed on it, so if you are putting toxic chemicals that are found in a lot of beauty products, your body will be absorbing them. This means your liver has to remove these chemicals, which places more stress on your body. One of the easiest ways to detox is to remove these products from your daily regime, if not forever, then at least during your detox period.

    Sweat, Baby, Sweat!

    When your body sweats, toxins are released, so it makes sense that during a detox you move more! Exercising regularly not only helps to remove toxins via sweat, it, of course, increases your heart rate and burns calories, resulting in weight loss and a healthier and happier body. Research has shown that exercise actually improves your daily energy levels, it’s a win-win!

    Go Green

    Filled with a multitude of antioxidants, vitamins and other goodies that help to detox your body, it is no wonder that green tea has become a staple of health and fitness gurus worldwide. Not only does green tea help to detox your body, flushing toxins out of your system, but it also contributes to burn fat by speeding up your metabolic rate (which means you can burn more calories even when you are just binge watching some Netflix!).

    If you wanted to up the ante on your detox, you could choose Matcha Tea, which is the equivalent of 10 cups of green tea! Matcha is derived from green tea and uses the whole leaf, which is ground into a vibrant green powder. It can also help to prevent and lower high cholesterol and increase your wellbeing.


    Speaking of tea, one of the easiest ways to rejuvenate your skin and regain lost energy is by a tea-tox. A tea-tox helps your body detox as it is a blend of teas each with their own antioxidants and benefits. The Bondi Slim blend contains green tea, garcina cambogia aiding in weight loss, dandelion leaf which helps to expel excess water and bloat, hibiscus containing anti-aging properties, calendula which is great for your skin and loads more ingredients that all have a common purpose to help your body detox.

    Of course, as with everything that is new for your body, consult a doctor before commencing a detox if you have any concerns of prior medical issues. Taking the steps to detox can be as easy as these four things, and your body will thank you for it and then some with boundless energy, a fresh, youthful look and a happy functioning body.



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