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  • How a Detox Tea Cleanse Can Help Give You More Energy and Feel Lighter

    July 05, 2018 4 min read

    How a Detox Tea Cleanse Can Help Give You More Energy and Feel Lighter

    How a Detox Tea Cleanse Can Help Give You More Energy and Feel Lighter


    A detox tea cleanse does more than make your skin glow. Here’s how to make it work its magic on your entire body.

    Those on a detox tea cleanse (or teatox as it can also be referred to) will often tell you about their increased energy levels. Detox tea cleanses also have the reputation of being able to help shift a few kilos and improve digestion. But is this all evidence-based or just hearsay?

    While it may sound too good to be true, the fact is that a detox tea cleanse can indeed help kick-start your body back into shape.

    How a detox tea cleanse can help your body from the inside

    The real purpose of a tea cleanse is to take the added stress off your organs. Depending on which tea you consume; your liver, kidneys and bowel are just three of the main organs that can be made happy by a detox tea cleanse. The natural ingredients selected in our Bondi Beach Tea Co. detox tea cleanses all have properties traditionally linked with doing just this.

    Some of the natural herbal ingredients in our detox tea cleanses, proven to be beneficial for our organs include:

    Yerba mate

    Yerba mate’s beneficial properties include antioxidant, anti-obesity, anti-diabetic, digestive improvement, stimulant, and cardiovascular boosters. [1] It is rich in vitamins, minerals, and other compounds, including 15 amino acids.


    Dandelion has benefits linked with good blood health. [2] It may also help to carry toxins away from the liver, thus aiding in the prevention of liver damage.

    Green tea

    Moreover, of course, the star of the show; green tea! A metabolism and energy booster, rich in antioxidants with a truckload of potential for your health. Check out some of the many articles we have written about green tea on our blog here.

    However, detox tea alone is not a miracle cure for cleansing. Good diet is essential to get the most from any good detox tea cleanse.

    To support your detox tea cleanse and give your body the re-start it desires, check out our following teatox cleansing tips.

    How to start your detox tea cleanse

    Plan a week in your schedule where you will have complete focus on your tea detox. Keep this week clear from any distractions such as parties and celebrations where you are likely to stray from your regime.

    When first starting a detox tea cleanse, some people may experience an acknowledgement reaction from their body. Mild headaches or loose bowel movements are often results of food withdrawals (especially excess caffeine) and stimulation of the organs associated with detoxification. Any such symptoms should peter out in 24 to 48 hours.

    Foods to avoid on a detox tea cleanse

    Three basic food groups that need to be avoided at all cost are alcohol, sugars including honey, maple syrup and artificial sweeteners, and coffee

    Foods that work well during a detox tea cleanse

    Some of the foods that we encourage you to enjoy while detoxing are:

    • fresh fruit and vegetables: according to Dr Draxe, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts and cabbage are some of the best vegies for detoxing the liver. Carrots, beetroot and greens are also beneficial (the beta-carotene in carrots is converted into vitamin A to help flush out toxins and reduce fat in the liver). Dr Draxe also prefers bananas, sweet potatoes, beet greens and spinach. These food groups can be enjoyed freshly squeezed if need be
    • freshly caught fish or tinned varieties in springwater and olive oil such as tuna
    • lean red meat and skinless chicken pieces (limited to just two serves per week)
    • legumes such as kidney beans, chickpeas and lentils; either the dried variety or canned
    • eggs – refrain from the fried variety
    • olive oil and unprocessed coconut oil – replace standard oil with these where possible too
    • seeds and raw nuts – pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, walnuts, macadamias, and cashews are great
    • water – ensure your intake of water is at least one to three litres per day

    General detox tea cleanse tips

    Metabolism Boost

    To kick-start your metabolism and start your digestion on a good note each day, squeeze lemon into a cup of room temperature water first thing in the morning, before breakfast. Alternatively, you might like to enjoy your lemon in a cup of Matcha green tea for even more kick.

    * Tip: read more about the benefits of lemon with green teahere.


    While undertaking your detox tea cleanse, aim to exercise at least one hour each day. An exercise that makes you generate a good sweat will increase the lymph flow and circulation to help rid toxins. We like Bikram yoga, boxing classes, or an easy jog along the beach. Remember that you are re-booting your body and it is important not to go overboard and cause any unnecessary strain.

    Eat raw

    Cut out processed foods and enjoy nature at its best.

    Get a good night’s sleep

    While it is important to replenish your body with all the goodness it needs, it is also vital to maintain a healthy sleep pattern. According to Holistic Nutritionist, Kelly LeVeque, a healthy sleep routine helps to block hunger hormones. These hormones can take over your decision-making processes when you lack sleep. Read more about this here.


    While you are cleansing your insides to feel light and fabulous, take the opportunity to capitalise on the outside too. Exfoliating your skin will help to support your circulation and increase results of detoxification. Our Bondi Beach Tea Co. Organic Matcha Mint Body Scrub makes a great detox tea cleanse partner. Moreover, even better, it smells amazing!

    A detox tea cleanses can help give you more energy and feel lighter. However, it does not come down to the tea alone.

    Being conscious of what you put in and the energy you put out should be the ingredients for a successful detox tea cleanse.

    Ready to get started on your detox tea cleanse? Grab our tasty Bondi Beach Tea Co. natural detox tea online here. While you are there, check out our FREE eating plan – for your mind and for your body!


    1. NCBI: Assessment of effects of phenolic fractions from leaves and petals of dandelion in selected components of hemostasis.
    2. NCBI: Assessment of effects of phenolic fractions from leaves and petals of dandelion in selected components of hemostasis.



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