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  • Green Tea Secrets Even Your Hairdresser 👱‍♀️ Will Love

    November 06, 2017 2 min read

    Green Tea Secrets Even Your Hairdresser Will Love

     When there is something as easy as using green tea to beautify your hair, you’d want to jump straight onto it wouldn’t you? Well, here’s the good news!

     Tea can help to make your hair look thick, lush and full of shine.

     As a beauty regime easy to do and easy to master; following are some tips from our health and beauty experts at Bondi Beach Tea Co. to get your hair looking and feeling great, naturally.

     #1 Add shine to dull hair

    We all know what the sun can do to our hair, especially during the hotter months of the year when we are done with our beanies and trackies and out of hibernation. A simple hair rinse using some good quality green tea can give a boost to any brassiness or lacklustre looks.

     Method: Simply brew your green tea by steeping your leaves for about 15 minutes, then leave it to cool down completely. We recommend brewing a batch first thing in the morning, so it is ready for your evening shower time. Once your hair is shampooed and conditioned, pour the green tea on and leave for 10 minutes, then follow with another condition to seal in the shine.

     #2 Boosts hair growth

    Green tea contains large quantities of antioxidants which are great for promoting the growth of our hair, and this has been evidenced by various scientific studies undertaken on mice. Green tea may just help with dry scalp and dandruff problems as well. You can check out more information on the various studies in relation to green tea and hair growth, published online at Hair Loss Revolution.

     Method: Once you have washed your hair, pour on your freshly brewed and cooled solution of green tea (refer to our tip above in number one). Let it rest for 10 minutes then rinse with cool water. Follow this regime two or three times a week. Women who have suffered hair loss post-baby birth might find this handy to help rejuvenate their hair especially.

     3# Enhance your hair colour

    As a chemical-free way to highlight your hair, you might like to try a tea remedy. Tea has various staining properties and can give colour to blonde and brunette hair tones.

     Check out these all natural colour hair recipes that we found online at Wellness Mama. They offer some insights on suitable teas and natural herbs to use on blonde hair, red hair as well as brown hair, and you might be surprised at the results.

     Drinking green tea will also help promote beautiful hair, not to mention offering plenty of other health benefits at the same time. Bondi Beach Tea Co. offers tasty blends of green tea, including our organic Matcha Green Tea and our lighter blend - Spring Harvest Green Tea. Take a look at our full range of herbal teas available online here.

     If you give any of our Bondi Beach Tea Co. beauty remedies a try, please let us know if they were successful for you. Tweet your news to us @bondibeachtea or send us a shout-out on Facebook @BondiBeachTea.

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