Our Story

Congratulations, you’ve landed at Bondi Beach Tea Co. This is the start of your detox journey with some deliciously appealing tea blends (aka your new besties).

You may know a lot about detox tea already, or you may be a complete novice. Either way, rest assured we will be here to provide some helpful guidance on your voyage to better health and wellbeing.  

Bondi Beach Tea Co. is a little different to some of the other detoxifying tea brands, and there happen to be a few around.

Backed by thorough research and a support network of herbalists from around the globe, the natural ingredients in our teas offer benefits that have been renown for medical use for hundreds of years. With clever craftsmanship and dedicated knowledge, our team of experts have put together some tasty blends of teas for you to enjoy.

Bondi Beach Tea Co. provides cleansing teas with no nasty laxatives added. Our 14-day and 28-day tea programs are designed to Burn Fat, Alkalise, Detoxify & Cleanse. Our teas can be enjoyed hot, warm or over ice. Now that’s thoughtfulness with a capital T!

There is no “quick fix” promised with our products. Instead, we believe a healthy, balanced lifestyle is the best accompaniment. We will join you for the voyage with the inclusion of eating, exercise and lifestyle plans that coincide specially with our teas.

Price not always depicts superiority, however, our teas contain high-quality, natural, organic ingredients, which are sourced using sustainable farming practices whenever possible. Our products reflect the care, attention and components used to create them and we offer good value for this. We don’t fake it to make it!

Your purchase will help make a difference to somebody else’s life as well. We are passionate about youth mental health and suicide prevention, so we support Reachout who provide resources to help young people doing it tough. With your help, we will raise significant funding for Reachout to provide more help for troubled youths.

Based near the iconic Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia, we are passionate about health, lifestyle, looking and feeling our best. We take pride in our gentle, natural approach to the body. We offer a great platform to a fresher lifestyle, and our Bondi Beach Tea Co. blends may be just what you have been looking for too.

Step onboard and get ready to take your first sip. Your passage to better health and feeling great starts right here at Bondi Beach Tea Co. The NATURAL weight loss detox tea specialist.


As a qualified Naturopath in full-time practice for over 35 years, I am passionate about herbs and herbal teas. I prescribe only the best quality for my patients because it is important to get the best results. When I discovered Bondi Beach Tea, I was very impressed with the quality, so I decided to investigate further. I found the Bondi Beach Teas to be all natural, preservative free, organic where possible and research derived. The teas are holistic, sensible and have a gentle action with no laxative effect. I found the teas easy to drink and great to assist in fat burning, calming, detoxification and other body functions. Anyone who is interested in achieving real health benefits should check out Bondi Beach Teas.

Kevin Tresize  - Naturopath ND, Adv Dip CH, SFSNTR, MASCH