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  • The Bondi B-Slim Detox 14-Day Program

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    This slim tea detox program will change your life!

    Available as a quick boost two-week pack, our 14-day detox program is the perfect starter for those looking to rejuvenate their bodies.

    The 14-day combination of our Bondi Slim and Colon Cleanse tea packs offers a tasty blend of 100% natural, preservative-free, organic ingredients.

    Our Bondi B-Slim Detox Program is designed to rid you of any sluggish, lethargic moods you are experiencing, all while regenerating your body and providing a much-needed energy boost.

    The 14-day detox program works best with our recommended easy diet plan, which is full of nutritious foods and some exercise. And for a deeper cleanse, try our 28-Day Program.

    Now is your time to say G’day to reduce bloating, restore energy, and feel better!



    With herbs traditionally associated with the potential to help speed up your metabolism, our most famous tea blend is packed with antioxidant-enriched ingredients for an energy uplift to enhance the body’s natural detoxifying powers, reduce inflammation, and promote healthy weight.

    Traditionally, these herbs have been associated with the following:

    • Burdock root has been used to aid in weight loss. 
    • Yerba mate is renowned for enhancing mental clarity and boosting metabolism, making it a favoured choice for weight management.
    • Dandelion leaf is known to assist with detoxification and to remove excess water from your body. 
    • Hibiscus flowers may help with anti-aging, and they are rich in antioxidants. 
    • Green Tea has many researched benefits.   It may aid with digestion and mental focus and promotes weight loss. 
    • Acai berry is known as one of the best all-around antioxidants. 
    • Schisandra berry may help with focus and endurance.
    • Garcinia cambogia has been used to aid in weight loss*
    • Calendula petals are beneficial for your skin.  

     Bondi Slim is a perfect detox tea blend. 



    Working its magic from a mixture of herbs traditionally known for their potential medicinal values, our Colon Cleanse Tea encourages things to get moving in your body for good digestion and health.

    Traditionally, these herbs have been associated with the following:

    • Flaxseed - contains oestrogen, antioxidants, and Omega 3
    • Organic rooibos – bone, heart, and skin health, the digestive system, and blood sugar levels 
    • Cinnamon bark – control of cholesterol, brain health, blood sugar regulator
    • Dandelion root – detox, skin and blood health, gentle laxative properties
    • Liquorice root - powerful antioxidants, skin and liver health
    • Cacao nibs – antioxidants, potassium, and fibre
    • Fenugreek seeds – constipation and unsettled tummies
    • Rose petals – skin-friendly properties with antioxidants

    Directions for our Detox Tea

    Bondi Slim

    For maximum results, we recommend taking 1 cup of Bondi Slim Tea in the morning, preferably before breakfast, and 1 cup in the afternoon.

    A heaped teaspoon is enough per cup.

    Colon Cleanse

    1 heaped teaspoon once per day, preferably in the evening.

    Infuse for 3 to 5 minutes according to taste. 

    Fenugreek has been known to lower blood glucose levels. 

    Ingredients in Australia's Best Detox Teas

    Bondi Slim: 

    Yerba Mate, hibiscus flowers, dandelion leaf, burdock root, green tea, schisandra berry, garcinia cambogia, acai berry, and calendula petals.

    Organic ingredients are always used when available.

    Colon Cleanse Tea: 

    Flaxseed, rooibos leaf, cinnamon bark, dandelion root, liquorice root, cacao nibs, fenugreek seeds, and rose petals.

    Organic ingredients are always used when available. 

    Bondi Beach Tea Co. The detox tea specialists 

     Video Reviews

    More Information On What Our 14-Day Weightloss Cleanse Can Do For You

    Try Our 14-Day Detox Tea for a Total Body Cleanse

    There’s simply no replacement for good health.

    When we feel our best physically, thinking and transitioning between every stage of the day is easier.

    On the other hand, a body out of balance can make even the simplest days feel difficult.

    If you feel you’ve lost all your get-up-and-go, it might be time for our slim tea detox.

    14 days is all it takes for our B Slim detox tea to work its magic and transform you from tired to fabulous.

    Our tea is perfect if you feel you haven’t been treating your body well enough lately or are looking to kickstart a weight loss regimen.

    Feeling a Little Down in Energy?

    Your body is made from a series of processes that work together to create your overall level of health.

    Your digestion, circulation, breathing, and mental functioning are closely tied together.

    When something’s off, it doesn’t always show itself right away.

    Instead, you might not realize something is throwing your body out of balance until it affects other areas and causes bigger symptoms.

    Detoxing helps rebalance your body when you’ve been feeling a little lackluster, and there are a few telltale signs that you’re in need of a good cleanse:

    • Your energy levels are lower than normal or fluctuate rapidly throughout the day
    • You feel heavy and tired after eating.
    • Waking up is difficult, or you wake up feeling tired after a full night’s rest.
    • Irregular bowel movements or bouts of constipation
    • Bloating and retaining water
    • Inability to focus
    • Dry or unhealthy-looking skin

    Our detox teas are specially blended to help cleanse your body of the excess fat and free radicals that rob your energy and impact your health.

    We also use ingredients rich in antioxidants, so you’ll have plenty of energy.

    Our detox regimen can do a lot more than that, too!

    Boost Your Movement and Your Mood with A Tea Cleanse

    Our blend of ingredients naturally boosts your energy, may reduce inflammation, and helps you manage a healthy weight.

    This keeps you up and moving even after a tough workout.

    More than that, several ingredients promote better focus to keep you sharp as a tack throughout your detox.

    Our blend includes green tea, which is known for its antioxidant properties.

    That’s why our 14-day detox tea is one of the most powerful all-natural products on the market.

    We don’t have to use laxatives, added caffeine, or any shortcuts that you might find in other products.

    At Bondi Tea, we work with herbalists from around the world to formulate our potent brews using natural ingredients of very high quality.

    Experience Total Rejuvenation with Bondi B Slim Tea

    If you’re looking for the perfect 14-day detox, it’s our B Slim Tea.

    No artificial ingredients and packed full of a nutritional blend of nature’s finest in herbal healthcare.

    We consider ourselves experts when it comes to blended tea, and we’ve really outdone ourselves with the powerful amount of antioxidants packed into every serving.

    You’ll lose weight and have skin like a goddess, not to mention all the extra energy.

    Shop our selection today and get motivated to live a healthier life.

    Bondi Beach Tea Co. offers detox & weight loss tea throughout Australia.

    Shop our range of teas or look for our best teatox products, such as a 14-day detox tea or the best organic green tea for weight loss.

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    Bounce Back After Your Holidays With Our Best 14-Day Detox Tea Cleanse

    Have you recently been on holiday and enjoyed yourself a little too much when it comes to indulging in delicious food and sweet treats?

    Most of us suffer from a few extra pounds post-holiday, and why not? You should enjoy yourself when you are on holiday!

    However, getting back into the swing of things once you arrive home is a whole different matter, and it can be difficult to bounce back.

    Here, we are taking you through the do’s and don’ts to bounce back and how our 14-day detox tea can help you.

    Our Do’s And Don’ts To Bounce Back After Your Holiday

    Bouncing back after a holiday can be tough, but it really does not have to be!

    Before even thinking about physically getting back in shape, it is important that you address your mentality toward bouncing back, too.

    Just remember that it is important not to be so hard on yourself and that a holiday binge is not the end of the world.

    Here are some of the things that you should do to get yourself back on track with your healthy lifestyle.

    • Drinking water – Whilst on holiday, you have probably drunk a lot more alcohol than you normally would in your day-to-day life so it is important that you replenish your body and keep it hydrated with water. Water is great for so many things, including helping with digestion and constipation.
    • Detox Tea – Now is the time to start your 14-day detox. We have a range of amazing teas that will help improve your digestion, bloating, and any constipation if you feel that water alone is not enough after your big holiday splurge!
    • Hit the Gym – Most of us will take a break from the gym when on holiday, and you should! Resting your body is no bad thing, but once you are back home, it is time to get back into the swing of things and hit the gym. This can be anything from running to boxing to yoga. Just make sure that whatever exercise you are choosing to do gets you moving. Start with some gentle exercise that will improve your mood and motivation, then go hard at your workouts. One of our top tips is to listen to your holiday playlist whilst at the gym, which will further help improve your mood.

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    If you spend over $25, you can look forward to free shipping with an estimated delivery time of 4 to 6 business days.

    We also offer express shipping with Australia Post and tracking, which will cost you $8.00.

    For more information about our shipping methods and delivery costs, get in touch with our team by phone or email.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 182 reviews
    Catherine A. (Canberra, ACT, AU)
    Great results

    After 10 days of using this product I have less bloating and abdominal discomfort and have lost 2kg. Definitely worth doing.

    Mark Maloy (Kearsley, NSW, AU)

    Nice Brew

    mary bongiorno (Melbourne, VIC, AU)
    Yummy tea

    Thank you for your fresh and delicious tasting teas. They are very different to other commercial teas. I am enjoying them very much.

    Elise Wallis
    happy with results

    So far so good abit concerned about why the fact that it can affect your contraceptive pill isn't somewhere in big writing but otherwise very happy with results

    Priscilla Lee (Castle Hill, NSW, AU)

    The Bondi B-Slim Detox 14-Day Program