The Bondi Special Health Pack Combo 28-Day

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Invest in your health! The Bondi Special Health Pack Combo. 

The Complete Health Pack aims to kick-start your health and support vitality by nourishing your body from the inside and out.

What you get:

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    The Bondi Special Health Pack Combo 28-Day

    Didn't do much for me at all

    I stuck to the healthy eating and exercise plan along with the tea and felt no progress at all.
    I did feel a little less bloated but didn't loose cms or weight
    The macha body scrub was amazing though

    I am improving

    I have had so many dreams and attempts at becoming healthy and fit. I see advertisements on tv of families hiking or cycling together and always wish that I could do the same with my family as they always look so happy. I ordered a 28-day detox pack for both me and my husband and we were both so impressed that we are now on our second detox. This weekend we are taking our kids on our first family hike. Bondi slim teas turned my dreams into reality.

    Aweome blends

    The tea blends work perfectly well together and my excessive bloatedness was sorted out in about a week. The second week I started to notice an increase in energy and weight loss. I lost weight but also lost cms as well which was awesome. By the end of my 28-day detox, I was done 5.5kgs, feeling great and ready to keep going. There is no better motivation than positive results you can see and feel.

    keep on working

    The thing about these teas is they keep working so I just keep on going back for more. I have been losing weight at a healthy pace, not like on some diets where you lose the weight in a few days but pick it up again even faster if you even look at something sweet. I have been working out and have now started a jogging program which I have been wanting to do for years but just never had the energy to actually do it.