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  • Why is Weight Loss Tea So Effective? 🥗

    April 08, 2018 4 min read

    Weight loss tea

    Bondi Beach Tea Co. has been serving up tasty blends of weight loss tea since 2014. Find out why our customers keep coming back for more.

    Tea designed for weight loss can provide plenty of benefits – the main of those is helping to rid your body of nasty toxins. When toxins are flushed out of your system, you generally feel better. This, in turn, provides the added boost needed to get up and get moving, promoting more weight loss!

    However, weight loss teas are not all created equal. Some weight loss teas on the market are riddled with added laxatives and un-natural ingredients.

    So, how do you know which weight loss teas are the best for you?

    Weight loss tea effectiveness has a lot to do with the ingredients. It often comes down to the herbs used and their impact when blended together. As individual as they are, herbs also have individual properties. The craft lies in partnering herbs that will complement one another perfectly. 

    Our team have put together this informative article which will help explain a little bit more about the various properties of weight loss tea.

    But first, what is a weight loss tea?

    Weight loss teas are designed to aid in the body’s metabolic process, trim down fat, and help to curb appetite. There are various ways to mix up weight loss teas, but those which use natural, herbal ingredients are our speciality.

    The herbs used to create Bondi Beach Tea Co. detox teas and weight loss teas, are chosen for their unique abilities to offer a range of traditional health-promoting and weight loss benefits. We will touch on this a bit later.

    What are the conveniences of weight loss tea?

    A weight loss aid that can be consumed on-the-run is pretty inviting. Tea can be introduced into just about any lifestyle and schedule, consumed at any time of the day.

    As well as weight loss properties, herbal teas have also traditionally been associated with helping to promote sleep, increase energy, and reduce stress, all dependant on the herbs used in the teas.

    What is the best ingredient used in weight loss tea?

    Green tea really is the hero of the story. Rich in antioxidants and catechins, green tea offers a boost to your overall health and is one the top potentials for weight loss. Why? Because plenty of studies have proven it so.

    One such study was undertaken by the College of Agricultural Sciences at Penn State in the U.S. In their study on mice, researchers discovered a sharp reduction in final body weight and significant health improvements in their animal study participants. They believe similar results are possible on humans.

    In the study, the mice were fed on a high-fat diet that included decaffeinated green tea extract and were made to exercise regularly. After 16 weeks, these mice showed an average body mass reduction of 27.1 percent and an average 36.6 percent reduction in their abdominal fat.

    The mice also demonstrated a 17 percent reduction in fasting blood glucose level, 65 percent decrease in plasma insulin level, and a reduction in insulin resistance of 65 percent. The latter results being linked to substantial improvements for diabetic health.

    As a comparison, the mice which were not given green tea extract, or those that did not exercise, experienced less significant weight loss and health improvements.

    Lead researcher, Joshua Lambert, said the study shows that the combination of green tea and exercise reduced symptoms of metabolic syndrome and diet-induced obesity in the high-fat-fed mice more significantly than either treated alone. This may have been the result of increased metabolism and decreased fat synthesis.

    “The green tea seems to modulate genes related to energy metabolism”, he said.

    Aside from green tea, following are the other herbs used in our Bondi Beach Tea Co. weight loss tea. These herbs were selected for their traditional benefits:

    • Burdock Root – slimming properties
    • Dandelion leaf – detox and removal of excess water from the body
    • Hibiscus – anti-ageing properties, high in antioxidants
    • Yerba mate’ – digestion, mental focus and weight loss (90% more antioxidants than green tea)
    • Acai berry – natural antioxidant
    • Schisandra – focus and lasting power
    • Calendula – skin health

    Weight loss tea

    What is the best way to consume weight loss tea?

    Weight loss tea and detox teas can be consumed anyway you like – hot, cold, lukewarm, or chilled over ice.

    Some people prefer to include sweetener and other additives in their weight loss teas. If you are this way inclined, go easy to avoid the extra calories. Items like condensed milk, cream, sugar and honey all have hidden calories. Additives can also impact the natural flavour of the tea. We recommend our tasty herbal teas be enjoyed as-is.

    If you are looking for a boost to your green tea just add a little squeeze of lemon. Lemon is a great partner to have with green tea as it boosts the antioxidants – read more about this here.

    Following are some more tips on how to enjoy your weight loss tea:

    • Straight up: tea can be enjoyed in its natural form. If you are not super keen on the flavour at first, your taste buds will catch up over time as you acquire the taste for it
    • Use organic honey: if you really need to sweeten your tea use a dab of organic honey. Honey has just under 16 calories per teaspoon [1].
    • Use unsweetened almond milk: if you must add milk to your tea opt for almond milk. It is one of the best in terms of calories, fat, sugar and calcium. You can check out the full list of milk additives at Popsugar Fitness here.

    Weight loss teas are an effective way to boost weight loss, as long as you are mindful of what you add to them. The best way – straight up!

    Combined with a regular exercise regime, weight loss teas can help you keep fit and healthy, which is the perfect reason to incorporate a cup or two in your daily meal plan.

    Bondi Beach Tea Co. has a range of natural herbal teas renowned traditionally for a variety of benefits. Shop our full range of Bondi Beach Tea Co. blends online here.

    For optimal effectiveness of your weight loss tea, download our FREE Bondi Beach Tea Co. Eating Plan –get your copy here!


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