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  • Why Green Tea is a Good Detoxifying Tea?

    December 10, 2018 5 min read

    Why Green Tea is a Good Detoxifying Tea?

    Why Green Tea is a Good Detoxifying Tea?

    A green tea detox can help give the pick-me-up you have been lacking. Here is how to do it properly.

    A green tea detox is one of the simplest ways to re-boot your body. Moreover, as the second most common drink consumed in the world, tea is just about everyone’s favourite – well – cup of tea!

    Not only good for your insides, but green tea also has some amazing benefits for your skin and overall wellbeing. When used for a detox, green tea can revive your body entirely.

    Following are some of the reasons why a green tea detox is famed for being so beneficial.

    Green tea detox benefits for the skin

    Unlike black and oolong teas, green tea leaves are not fermented before drying. Instead, they are left fresh. This process boosts the number of catechins contained within the tea leaves. Also, its content of minerals and vitamins enhances the overall antioxidant potential of green tea. [1]

    Antioxidants can counteract the effect of free radicals which are by-products of the body that cause damage to skin cells and tissue. Free radicals are associated with premature signs of aging. Antioxidants work their magic by binding themselves to the free radicals and deactivating them before they can cause any of their damage.

    Green tea’s potential preventive power against metabolic syndrome

    Metabolic syndrome (MetS) is an emerging health burden for health care professionals and governments alike. It is a group of risk factors which are associated with heart disease and other illnesses such as diabetes and stroke. The existing prevention and early management of MetS has been predominantly lifestyle-based, including healthy diet and exercise.

    Green tea has been studied as a potential aid for combating MetS, primarily due to its high catechin content. Human studies have demonstrated beneficial effects of green tea for weight management, glucose control and cardiovascular risk factors, all of which are related to MetS. Long-term studies are still needed to fully understand the protective effects of green tea catechins on parameters related to the MetS, however, the existing evidence is promising. [2]

    Green tea detox – winter’s best friend

    Green tea may also help to keep the winter flu away. Some research suggests that the polyphenols (micronutrients) contained in green tea boast antiviral properties believed to help protect against the influenza virus. [3]

    Green tea detox benefits for oral health

    Green tea is fast becoming famed for its assistance with good oral health. Following is what we have found out about this increasing interest:

    • research suggests that green tea protects against bacterial-induced dental caries
    • the polyphenols in green tea can rid halitosis through modification of odorant sulphur components
    • oral cavity oxidative stress and inflammation, associated with cigarette smoking, may be reduced by green tea polyphenols
    • in general, green tea defends healthy cells from malignant transformation and locally has the ability to induce apoptosis in oral cancer cells [4]

    Other potential health benefits of a green tea detox

    Several recent studies have heralded green tea as a potential to assist with other physiological functions. [5] Some of these include:

    • anti-hypertensive
    • weight control
    • antibacterial and antivirus activity
    • a protectant against ultraviolet rays
    • bone mineral density increase
    • anti-fibrotic properties
    • neuroprotective properties

    Researchers note that the evidence on green tea benefits is very promising, however, future studies are still needed to determine its full contributions to human health.

    You can also read the blog Too Expensive To Do? A Look At The Feasibility Of A Healthy Lifestyle for more information.

    How to do a green tea detox

    The actual ‘how to’ part of a green tea detox is easy. Just include several cups of premium quality green tea to your healthy eating plan each day.

    How to steep tea for a green tea detox

    If steeping your tea in hot water use water that is close to boiling, but not boiled (if boiled, just let it cool a little first). This will ensure your precious green tea leaves are not scalded and compromise the flavour of the leaves.

    Steeping time will vary depending on the intensiveness of the flavour you prefer. Here are some guidelines for our Bondi Beach Tea Co. green teas.

    Bondi Pure Green, Organic Matcha Green Tea

    To enjoy hot: add ½ teaspoon to hot water and whisk or stir briskly until there are no clumps lefts and froth forms

    To enjoy cold: add the matcha powder to smoothies, protein shakes or juices as an antioxidant booster

    Bondi Spring Harvest, Premium Sencha Green Tea

    Add one teaspoon to one cup of hot water. Steep for three to four minutes at maximum.

    Coupled with correct diet, exercise and lifestyle habits, the antioxidants in green tea will help to rid your body of built-up toxins. The tea will also help keep you hydrated, which is great if you are planning to ramp up activity levels as part of your overall detox plan.

    How to capitalise on a green tea detox

    To get the most benefits out of your green tea detox, the following are some additional pointers we recommend you take note of.

    1. Start your day off with a boost for your metabolism

    Kick-start your metabolism by squeezing some lemon into a cup of room temperature water first thing in the morning.

    1. Exercise

    To maximise the results of your green tea detox, include at least one hour of exercise into your schedule each day. Aim for activity that will get a good sweat up to increase the lymph flow and circulation to help flush out toxins. Ensure not to over-exert yourself beyond your standard capacity.

    1. Eat raw and fresh

    Cut out processed foods and enjoy more unrefined wholefoods as part of your healthy eating plan. Lean meats, fruits, vegetables and fish should be included. For further advice on healthy eating, we recommend you speak with a diet plan specialist or nutritionist.

    1. Rest up

    A healthy sleep routine is vital for good health. Proper sleep can help to block the hormones which lead to overeating and impeding decision-making when you are tired.

    * Tip: read more about why a healthy sleep routine is important in our bloghere.

    1. Exfoliate

    Whilst giving your insides the go-over, seize the moment and take care of your skin on the outside too. Exfoliating helps support circulation, removes dead skin cells, and gives your skin that extra glow.

    Bondi Beach Tea Co. Organic Matcha Mint Body Scrub is perfect for this purpose. Just rub it over your body while in the bath or shower to come out smelling fresh and revived.

    * Tip: check out more details and benefits about our body scrubhere.

    As green tea is the main ingredient in a green tea detox, you are giving yourself the best chance at capitalising on all of green tea’s goodness and power-packed properties.

    Now we have highlighted a bunch about why green tea is a good detoxifying tea – are you ready to get started?

    Get some of nature’s best green tea right here at Bondi Beach Tea Co. Our all-natural, organic green teas are made just the way nature intended – nothing fake and no nasty additives.

    Check them out for yourself – shop online here!


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