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  • What Alkaline Foods Are Good for You?

    July 26, 2018 2 min read

    What Alkaline Foods Are Good for You?

    What Alkaline Foods Are Good for You?

     Alkaline foods are foods and drinks that have an alkaline effect on the body.

    Our body’s pH level is slightly alkaline, or 7.35 to be exact, and our internal mechanics work hard to maintain this healthy neutral alkaline zone. To keep up with our usually high intake of acid-forming foods, our body must make up for this by leaching calcium, as an alkalizing mineral, from our bones. Across time this could lead to a deficiency of bone minerals and, quite possibly, osteoporosis. It is also acts as a stressor for inflammation and boosted levels of the stress hormone cortisol, promoting damaging effects on your long-term health and wellbeing.

    Comparatively, plant-based, alkaline-forming foods are rich in nutrients and antioxidants. You can slow the leaching of calcium from your bones by increasing your intake of these such foods. They also assist to combat free radical damage and inflammation, providing support for healthy cellular regeneration.

    Alkalinity is based on the mineral content of foods, and breaking this down, the alkaline or acidic effect those foods will have on the pH levels of the body. There are foods that have an acidifying effect which is common in foods that contain sugar, trans fats, dairy, preservatives or sweeteners, and there are foods that have an alkaline effect.

    Many foods which contain alkaline minerals, resulting in an alkaline effect, are foods we already classify as good for our health. Green vegetables in particular, are an abundant source of vitamins, minerals and fibre, but they also help to alkalize the body. Others of these good foods include nuts, seeds, salads, sea vegetables, and water-rich foods, etc.

    The bad guys (the ones who have an acidic effect) are items like sweets and processed snacks, trans fats, alcohol, meats, dairy, fizzy drinks, white bread, white pasta and other refined foods, etc.

    Alkaline foods are said to be at their best for your health when you eat 70% - 80% alkaline forming foods, and no more than 20% - 30% acid forming-items. This is easily measurable by your plate. Check how much of your plate is taken up by both of these food groups.

    Matcha tea has alkaline properties and is great when you need a boost to your concentration and memory, raise your energy levels, and help to speed up your metabolism. Bondi Beach Tea Co. has matcha tea available, along with a range of other natural herb tea blends.

    Some other easy-to-obtain foods that are on the good side of alkalinity include broccoli, kale, wheatgrass, spinach, parsley, avocado, bell peppers, chia seeds, flax seeds, ginger, beets, garlic, lemon, celery, cucumber, cauliflower, dandelions, carrots and radish.

    Alkaline foods are quite readily available, and you should take these into account on your next trip to the grocery shop. Your body will be singing a sigh of relief.

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