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  • Water - nature’s best friend. How much Water to drink in a day is enough? 🥃

    March 16, 2017 3 min read

    How much water to drink?

    Water - nature’s best friend. How much water to drink in a day is enough? 🥃

    Our bodies rely on water to function and prosper, and we exert it every time we breathe, sweat or use the amenities.

    To replenish our stocks, we are told to drink two to three litres of water a day.

    How is this even possible? This alone is an exercise regime to and from the water fountain. It is much easier than it seems. The amount equates to nine to twelve cups, spread across an entire 24 hours!

    If you are failing at the intake of your water upkeep, there are some tell-tale signs you should be aware of.

    Dark coloured urine

    Usually, your number ones should be a light-yellow colour. If you have skipped the odd glass of water or three, then the first sign of not getting enough water will be a darker colour in the bottom of the toilet.

    When you don’t drink enough water, your kidneys are forced to go into overdrive. A higher concentration of waste products such as dead blood cells, protein and toxins are released and make your urine darker. This can also be a result of taking certain medications or eating specific foods like asparagus or beets. If you notice a darker colour, first think about these factors that may have had an impact and increase your water intake. If your urine stays dark, it could be due to a medical condition like gallstones and would be best to seek further advice.


    Finding it hard to move? It could be because your water intake is lacking.

    Dehydration is the most common cause of constipation. If you have not given your body the water it requires, it will try to absorb water from wherever it can, and this includes your colon. Water in the large intestine is essential for easy-to-pass stools, and a lack of water will result in harder number twos.

    You could try increasing your fibre consumption and drinking more water if you are noticing hard to pass motions.

    Lower urine output

    Feeling no urge to go? Most people will urinate six to seven times a day. If you are finding your output is less, then you should increase what you are putting in.

    Thirsty or dry mouth

    Say no more really. This is already a sign from your body that you need to drink more water.


    Your brain tissue is also at risk from low water consumption. When you don’t drink enough water, your body will try to absorb water from any of its tissues to compensate. As a result, your brain tissue can shrink and pull away from the skull shooting pain signals resulting in a headache.

    Tired or fatigued

    Mild dehydration can cause fatigue as your heart needs to work faster to push oxygen and nutrients through your body, and your blood volume decreases.

    Hungry or subsequent weight gain

    Your body is a complex beast however it has not learnt to differentiate between hunger and thirst. The part of your brain responsible for regulating hunger often gets confused causing hunger pangs.

    If you are watching your weight, in particular, grab another glass of water in the chance that is all your body needs before reaching for the next quick-fix snack. If you are still hungry within a short timeframe, then you’ll know it is food your body is seeking.

    Dry skin and wrinkles more defined

    Dehydration can instigate irritated, inflamed, itchy and sensitive skin. When your skin loses moisture, your cells also shrink leading to more defined wrinkles.

    Instead of spending your hard-earnt pennies on a bottle of the next special jellyfish tentacle miracle gel, reach for another glass of H20 instead. It could very well be all that your beauty regime needs.

    Joint aches and pains

    Water has a lubricating effect on our joints and permits our bones to shift correctly when we move. Our cartilages are endangered from a nutrient deficiency if our water intake is not acceptable. This can lead to degeneration of the cartilages.

    Getting sick often

    Dehydration increases toxins in the blood, and these can weaken the immune system. Drinking plenty of water can help keep those nasty bugs away. 

    If you want to keep healthy, enjoy good skin and stay regular, nature’s clear medicine is a great place to start. Measure your water intake and if you are having trouble keeping your glass topped up, then perhaps you could invest in a good-sized water bottle.

    Fortunate or not, water is a vital ingredient needed to brew a good cup of Bondi Beach Tea. Get hydrated with some H20 and enjoy a cup or two of any of the tasty varieties available in our catalogue to mix it up a little.

    How much water to drink in a day is now sorted!

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