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  • The DIY Test That Could Reveal Your Carb Type

    September 25, 2018 4 min read

    The DIY Test That Could Reveal Your Carb Type

    The DIY Test That Could Reveal Your Carb Type

    Getting to know how your body reacts to carbs may help your body feel its best. We have uncovered a quick quiz that you can do at home.

    US geneticist, Dr Sharon Moalem, has brought new light onto the great carb debate. His studies have revealed that body mechanics of individuals often react differently to carbs. Some people can get away with feeling great after a feast of carbs, while others might feel quite the opposite.

    According to Dr Moalem, the secret to a good diet lies in determining the precise amount of protein, carbs and fats required for your genetic make-up. An important part of this is learning what carb type you are. So, if you are up for a quick trial, check out the following carb quiz which you can do at home with just a few regular items.

    What carb type are you? Take the simple test now.

    The Cracker Carb Test*

    Test tools required

    One unsalted, unflavoured cracker, and a stopwatch. Water crackers are great to use for this. Those that fall into the gluten-free diet group might like to use a washed, peeled piece of raw potato instead of a cracker.

    How to take the cracker carb test

    1. Take your first bite of the cracker, hit the stopwatch and start chewing. Try not to swallow the food.
    2. As you are chewing, pay attention to the flavour in your mouth.
    3. When you notice a change of flavour, note the time on the stopwatch.
    4. If there is no flavour change noted, you can stop the test once the stopwatch reaches 30 seconds.
    5. Repeat the above steps another two times.
    6. Add your result times together and divide the total number by three.

    Understanding the results

    Using the answer derived from step number six, you may be able to determine your carb type. Here are the carb types to check out below.

    0-14 seconds: carb type – full

    People in this carb type have a body make-up that typically copes well with eating carbs. You may be able to get up to half of your daily intake of kilojoules from eating carbs - equating to around 250 grams a day. The other half of the amount should be portioned between good fats (30%) and protein (20%).

    15-30 seconds: carb type – moderate

    If your average comes in between 15 and 30 seconds, you are most likely in the category of people who can generally include up to 35% of your kilojoule intake from carbs each day. The remaining 65% of kilojoules should be broken down into good fats at 35% and protein at 30%.

    31+ seconds – low

    This group of people usually find carbs are hard to process. People in this carb type category should keep their intake of carbs minimal at not more than 25% of their daily kilojoule intake. This equates to around 125 grams per day. The remainder of your intake should come from good fats totalling 40% and protein at 35%.

    It is important to note that refined carbohydrates have been associated as contributors to obesity and illness. If you choose to consume carbs, you should opt for the unrefined varieties and include plenty of whole grains and whole foods into your diet.

    About his research on eating foods according to your genes, Dr Moalem says,

    “By learning to not only eat for our genes but to take better care of them as well, through reducing inflammation and activating inherent DNA repair mechanisms, we can reset our course to health and longevity”.

    Foods he recommends you include in your diet include umami-rich foods such as miso, tamari, dried mushrooms, natural yoghurt, tomatoes, prawns, salmon and sardines, and hard cheese like parmesan. He says these foods will help you to feel fuller for longer.

    A regular cup of green tea typically provides a booster of antioxidants which can help to fight free radicals, including premature signs of aging. Green tea also offers an abundance of other great benefits. Check out more exciting detail about green tea on our website.

    Gut-healthy foods and probiotics like fermented yogurt and kefir may also prove beneficial in a healthy diet.

    If you are interested in more information about Dr Moalem’s strategies of creating an eating plan for your genes, you can check out his book The DNA Restartwhich is available at Dymocks online here.

    Take a step back

    To coincide with a healthy eating plan, take a moment or two to slow down. Practice some healthy routines that make you feel happy and relaxed. Stretch before getting out of bed each morning, practice meditation, go for a walk, or dance when nobody is watching!

    A healthy sleep routine may also help you to feel refreshed. Along with our Beach Beach Tea Co. Bondi Snooze Tea blend, here are some tips that you might find beneficial on how to set up a good sleep routine.

    Try holding back a little when you eat and slow down. Give your body the time it deserves to react to and enjoy what you are putting in.

    Although working out your carb type might help with your weight management and eating plan, it is only just the start of managing a good diet. Lifestyle, diet and exercise are all vital factors for a successful journey to good health.

    Is it time you re-considered your eating plan and lifestyle habits?

    Summer has hit us, and the weather is great. Now is the time to enjoy some well-deserved time in the sunshine and start exploring what you can do to better your lifestyle options this year. A healthy sleep routine, time to unwind and relax, regular exercise, and a good diet are all important for optimal health.

    For guilt-free herbal teas that can help to make you feel your best, check out our full range online - shop now.


    * Information derived from Dr Sharon Maolem MD, PhD: Physician, Scientist, Inventor and New-York Times Best Selling Author

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