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  • The Best Teatox Workouts for Ultimate Weight Loss

    May 17, 2018 3 min read

    best teatox

    The Best Teatox Workouts for Ultimate Weight Loss

    For ultimate success, we recommend a few of these regular exercises to get the best teatox results

    We would love to present you with a quick ticket to Skinny Road, but you are not going to get to the ultimate destination simply by sipping back on freshly brewed teatox tea.

    That’s right. As great as they are detox (or teatox teas) will produce results alone, but they need a little kick along if you want maximum power. To completely cleanse your body a healthy diet and regular exercise are very important for achieving an ultimately refreshed you.

    If mastered correctly and regularly, exercise will boost the effects of your tea detox.

    How does exercise help to achieve the best teatox and detoxification process?

    When the blood and lymphatic system are working in harmony, nutrients and oxygen are expended properly. This process means that toxins are flushed out from the body’s cells more rapidly. Exercise boosts this process.

    Detox and teatox teas help to promote improved energy and increased stamina simply from the ingredients they contain. Herbs like Schisandra and yerba mate are traditionally known for their ability to improve focus. These are two of the herbs included in Bondi Beach Tea Co’s Bondi Slim Tea.

    Here is our list of the best teatox workouts for ultimate detox power

    When you start to exercise take it easy. Putting any unnecessary stress on your body will likely do more harm and could lead to reabsorption of toxins. Some exercises that are great to get you started are activities such as a steady, long walk, swimming, Bikram yoga or standard yoga, as well as light sessions with weights.

    Aim for a jog of 20 to 30 minutes rather than running. Focus on your breathing while you exercise. Take the lead from your body as to when you need a break and don’t push yourself too hard.

    Bikram yoga

    This form of yoga is carried out in a room heated between 37 and 40 degrees Celsius and a humidity of 40 percent. It is one of the highest recommended exercises to achieve the best teatox results.

    Bikram is a slower paced yoga which aims to make you sweat. This flushes out impurities through the skin and warms up the muscles for optimal stretching. It encourages you to relax, stretch, lengthen your body, and to help massage your internal organs as you are working out.

    Exercises you can do at home

    We understand it is not always easy (or possible) to get to the gym. These workout routines and exercises can be mastered just as well at home.

    To get your muscles moving and kickstart the best teatox, do some of these exercises:

    • squats
    • jumping jacks
    • lunges
    • planking (standard plank and side plank)
    • skipping (with a rope or without a rope)
    • step-ups (perfect if you have stairs in your house)
    • burpees
    • push-ups and sit-ups (include reverse sit-ups where you raise and lower your legs to the ceiling in an L-shape)

    Select five each day and do 20 reps of each, for three to five sets with a rest in between. Add some walking, jogging and cycling to your regime as well – as much as you can master.

    Pole dancing and Zumba classes are a fun, on-trend activity that offers a workout for your entire body. These exercises are very good for boosting your metabolism and muscle health.

    If you are already into exercise – harder classes like CrossFit, Bootcamps and powerlifting will work great for you. However, it is still important not to overdo it, even if you are an avid gym junkie.

    How much detox tea should you drink for the best teatox?

    For maximum detox impact, we recommend enjoying six cups of Bondi Beach Tea Co. detox teas each day.

    Morning:             1 cups of Bondi Slim tea 

    Afternoon:         1 cup of Bondi Slim tea

    Evening:              1 cup of Colon Cleanse tea

    You will work out your own drinking regime. However you might like to start with a cup of tea before breakfast, one directly after, then one as you get to work.

    In the afternoon, try having one cup after lunch, one cup before you leave work, and another before dinner.

    To get the best teatox results - set yourself a regular exercise routine, follow a healthy eating plan, and remember to drink your six cups of Bondi Beach Tea Co. detox teas each day.

    Check out our FREE healthy eating guide for the best teatox regime – download your copyhere.

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