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  • Skin Care Tips for Your Body

    January 15, 2018 3 min read

    Skin Care Tips for Your Body

    Skin Care Tips for Your Body

    Your face is not the only surface area that you should concentrate your skin and beauty regime on. Sure, it’s the first thing you usually see when you look into the mirror, but as our largest external organ, the skin on the rest of our body is just as important to maintain too.

    Good skin health is quite simple to sustain if you follow a few skincare fundamentals. From cleaners to body scrubs, lotions, potions and everything in between, Bondi Beach Tea Co. have put together some skin care tips to help with your daily green tea cleanse for your skin.

    Skin care and maintenance tips for your entire body

    It’s not surprising that many factors of daily life can impact the health and appearance of our skin; from medications, we take, to hormones, water consumption, sun exposure, and even those lengthy sessions sweating it out at the gym. There is a lot to learn about skin health. However, a very good place to start is by establishing a well-executed skin care routine.

    #1 Cleanse

    To remove all the impurities hidden within your skin you need to make sure you that you cleanse thoroughly. Soap packed with chemically enhanced ingredients will often dry your skin out leaving it worse off than when you started. Look for a natural soap with no harmful ingredients. Goat milk soap is a popular choice for its rich vitamins, minerals, and a pH balance much similar to that of human skin allowing the nutrients to be absorbed more effectively.

    #2 Body Scrub

    At least twice a week, switch up your routine to incorporate a body scrub and exfoliation. This will ensure that you remove the dead skin cells that accumulate over time and give your skin a fresher, smoother appearance.

    #3 Rinse

    When you are done with your cleansing and your body scrub, be sure to give a good rinse over.

    #4 Moisturise

    After you have towelled off finish your routine with a good quality body moisturiser so that your skin locks in the moisture and remains freshly hydrated. If you have used our Bondi Beach Tea Co. Organic Matcha Mint Body Scrub, you can generally skip this step as the oils and ingredients contained in our body scrub will already leave your skin nurtured and moisturised.

    When you are looking for skin care products, we like to ensure that products we use and purchase are all-natural and not tested on animals. PETA’s dedicated website offers a free product search for cruelty-free skincare here.

    Moreover, for some fantastic skin and beauty secrets, check out our article here on 8 quick tips for beautiful skin.

    Now that we have provided you with the basics, how does your skin care routine weigh up? Do you cleanse with soap that not only smells great but will not negatively impact the health of your skin? Do you incorporate a body scrub into your weekly ritual? Maybe it’s time to re-access your skincare routine.

    For a top-notch body scrub packed with 100% organic, natural ingredients that have only ever been tested on family and friends, check out our Bondi Beach Tea Co. Organic Matcha Mint Body Scrub.

    For more detail about our body scrub and our tasty herbal tea blends, which includes our Fresh Face Complexion Tea.

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