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  • Meditation for Lower Blood Pressure, Reduce Pain and Better Sleep

    October 17, 2018 3 min read

    Meditation for Lower Blood Pressure, Reduce Pain and Better Sleep

    Meditation for Lower Blood Pressure, Reduce Pain and Better Sleep

    Meditation is a wellness exercise for the mind, known to have been already enjoyed through time for thousands of years. It is said that meditation may even date way back to the primitive ages when a man was found gazing openly into the dancing flames of a fire.

    In Western society these days, meditation is widely accepted as a healthy addition to wellness and fitness regimes. Fans of meditation believe the medicinal qualities can offer a direct effect on elements such as sleep quality, management of pain, and blood pressure.

    Following are some of the ways that meditation may help with improvements for your health and wellbeing.

    Improved Sleep Meditation

    Especially beneficial for those who run an active day-to-day job or lifestyle, meditation may help get your weary head to rest more effectively by relaxing your mind from those many thoughts that tend to pop up just before you trying to get some rest. Mindfulness meditation is a mind-soothing exercise that concentrates on breathing and the exact moment in time.

    According to a study published in the JAMA internal medicine journal,people who underwent mindfulness meditation experienced reduced levels of insomnia, fatigue, and depression compared to those who took on regular sleep education classes. Sleep disorders have been known to be closely related to stress, and the relaxation offered as a result of meditation can help to ease stress-related ailments.

    If you would like to try this for yourself, the relaxation response can be enjoyed by two basic steps, in a quiet environment.

    Step One: choose something calming to centre your attention on. This could include your breath, a sound (“om”), a positive buzzword like ‘relaxation’, or a phrase you might favour like “breathe in my peace, breathe out my stress”.

    Step Two:it’s important to relax and if you notice your mind has gone off focus, take another deep breath and bring your focus back to your calming middle.

    You can do this as many times as you like throughout the day, but you will find it is especially beneficial right before bed when you need that good night’s rest.

    Pain Management Meditation

    Stress is related to pain, much more than you think. Pain can heighten stress or tension, and increased tension can make worse some pain. Meditation may help to break this vicious cycle and act as a gentle pain management response.

    Mindfulness meditation can prove successful to combat pain in people who suffer from various ailments including headaches, chest pain, lower back pain, and often some gastrointestinal discomfort.

    Meditation to Help with Blood Pressure

    Over the past 30 years, there have been approximately 600 studies done world-wide which look at the effects of transcendental meditation on blood pressure. This is a simple mind-body technique which offers the ability to acquire a unique state of restful awareness. This form of meditation should be taught by a qualified meditation instructor to get the full effect and benefit.

    If you are experiencing difficulty with your stress levels, sleep patterns or energy, Bondi Beach Tea Co. tea blends offer an array of advantages for your mind and your body. With an unwind tea available, and a sleep blend perfect as a nightcap, you could combine this with some gentle meditation, and it’s lights out until the sun’s up! Reap the rewards for yourself and check out our tea blends online today!

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