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  • 🍜Ketogenic Diet Making It Easy to Burn Fat🍜

    December 29, 2017 3 min read

    Ketogenic Diet Making It Easy to Burn Fat

    Ketogenic Diet Making It Easy to Burn Fat

     There is forever an abundance of fat-blasting, get-me-skinny-quick diets and potions around to tempt your weight-loss taste buds. But not many of these diets and potions are as effective as the ketogenic diet.

    The notion of a low-fat diet may actually be where you are going wrong with your weight-loss dreams. In fact, high fat, low carb diet is exactly what the ketogenic diet is all about.

    What is a ketogenic diet?

    The ketogenic diet revolves around the principle of low carb, high fat, as ketones are a principal source of energy that our bodies need to function. It is apparent that this way of eating might also copy the way in which our ancestors, thousands of years ago, flourished.

    During the primitive ages, we can lay an assumption that there were probably extended periods of time without a decent meal at hand. After limited nutrition between hunts, food aplenty would have been available once a successful hunting escapade was heralded. Freshly butchered meat and fat would have been most welcomed at this time. Between hunts, small servings of fruit, plant products and insects would have sufficed.

    How can this diet high in fats be beneficial for you?

    The fuel that our bodies mostly rely on is obtained from burning of glucose. Glucose is a form of sugar which is found in carbohydrates. When consumed in excess it is stored in the liver and muscles into a substance called glycogen. When needed by our bodies, the stores of this substance are broken down again into glucose.

    However, just like our ancestors we mentioned above, when our stores are exhausted, our bodies have the clever ability to transition from burning glucose for fuel to chewing up fat for fuel instead. This is a method where our bodies produce ketones that are made from the breakdown of fatty acids in our liver. Instead of burning the glucose, we burn the fat called upon.

    Our bodies are engineered to favour glucose as the first source of energy. When stores of glucose are all used up, the body will change to alternate fuel sources. This process is referred to as ketosis, and it is a natural process of your body. Most of us experience ketosis first thing in the morning after your body has gone through its overnight fasting session. You might smell acetone in your urine the first time you do a number one, and your morning breath might smell like a cat has backed up to unload its offerings while you were snoozing. This might surprisingly be the product of ketosis and your healthy metabolic system.

    A ketogenic diet for some people can offer benefits for improved alertness, better focus, less brain fog, and a general sense of being cognitively quicker.

    Ketogenic diets also offer advantages by way of antioxidant effects and a decrease to the free radicals in your body. This might also help to fight off neurological disorders which can be directly related to free radical impact.

    Some of the good fats that you can consume on a ketogenic diet include:

    • Coconut oil
    • Animal-based omega-3 fats from good sources like salmon, sardines, anchovies and krill
    • Third-party certified olives and olive oil
    • Raw, grass-fed butter
    • Raw nuts; we like macadamia, almonds and pecans
    • Seeds such as pumpkin, sesame, cumin and hemp
    • Avocados
    • Grass-fed lean meats
    • Raw cacao butter
    • Organic, pastured eggs

    Ketosis is simple fat-burning engineering of your body, that has been around for much longer than most of the diet fads and potions available these days. If you’re looking for an easy way to burn fat, then look no further than your own body mechanics.

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