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  • How to Lose Weight in 2 Weeks with this Simple Plan

    September 10, 2018 4 min read

    How to Lose Weight in 2 Weeks with this Simple Plan

    How to Lose Weight in 2 Weeks with this Simple Plan

    Want to shed a few kilos but not quite sure where to start? See our expert tips to help you to lose weight in 2 weeks!

    There is nothing more attractive than someone who is feeling their best. Full of self-esteem and optimism, glowing like there is no tomorrow. Feeling lethargic usually has the reverse effect. You feel down in the dumps, possess minimal motivation, and have no enthusiasm for the day ahead.

    If you want to kick-start your self-esteem and get in there with those who are oozing optimism, why not try our following tips. If you are not primarily looking to lose weight in 2 weeks – these ideas could give your body the little boost it may have been lacking anyway.

    The secret to losing weight in 2 weeks (or giving your body that recharge it needs) is not to focus on your weight. Focus on your attitude.

    Check out these motivation-enhancing, weight loss-boosting, tricks and tips of the trade. All realistically achievable to help you lose weight in 2 weeks – without breaking the bank either!

    1. Drink plenty of water

    If you didn’t know it already, water is liquid gold.

    Many of the popular beverages people consume today are full of sodium and artificial flavours. Red Bull, for example, weighs in at 152 calories and contains 132mg of sodium in a 330ml bottle. This equates to 6 per cent of the daily value on a 2000-calorie diet.

    These types of beverages do not give you the satisfaction that food of its calorie equivalent does. Beverages full of carbs and sodium may also trick the body into retaining water and cause bloating (ever felt bloated after too many ales or ciders?).

    Water has zero calories, zero carbs, and little no to no sodium.

    Plenty of well-document studies have also indicated that water can help jump-start your metabolism too. One such study revealed that drinking 500ml of water increased metabolic rates in study participants by 30 per cent. This increase occurred within 10 minutes and reached a maximum after 30 to 40 minutes. [1]

    According to an article by the Mayo Clinic, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine determined the adequate amount of fluid intake for men and women each day is:

    • About 15.5 cups (3.7 litres) for men
    • About 11.5 cups (2.7 litres) for women

    This fluid covers off everything from water to other beverages, and the water contained within the foods we consume. They say about 20 per cent of our fluid intake comes from our food. How does your fluid intake measure up?

    If you want to change up the flavour of water from time to time, Bondi Beach Tea Co. natural herbal teas do just that. Alternatively, just add a squeeze of lemon or some mint leaves into a tea strainer to enhance the flavour.

    * More reading: check out our article onthe benefits of lemon and green tea to boost your 2-week weight loss regime.

    2. Ditch refined carbs for veggies

    Simple carbs like white rice, pasta and bread are digested quickly, making you hungry sooner. Fibres can also trigger bloating which can make you feel sluggish. Instead of replacing your refined carbs with wholegrain varieties, try switching it up with vegetables instead.

    • There are some great recipes online for zucchini pasta. Check out this one we sourced at All Recipes: low-carb zucchini pasta
    • Cauliflower rice is also a good alternative to white rice, simply by grating cauliflower
    • Instead of snacking on chips and dips, go for vegetable sticks and hummus

    The (complex) carbs in vegetables are digested through the system more slowly, so you feel fuller for longer. Vegetables also contain a high-water content so can help to flush out your system and excess water weight.

    3. Exercise

    To lose weight in two weeks, you need to throw in a bit of cardio. Sorry to be the fun police. However, it’s not all bad news. In fact, any exercise that gets your heart rate up will burn off calories.

    Selecting routines that incorporate working on multiple muscle groups will have a better impact. Some examples include cycling, cardio kickboxing, and boot camps. 30 minutes of these workouts will help to tone up your legs, arms, and core.

    Having a quick cup of matcha green tea pre-exercise may also help to increase your energy levels and provide the boost you need to get you through.

    Looking for a personal trainer to help reach your goal? Check out our tips onfinding the best personal trainer.

    4. Get a good night’s rest

    Keeping a healthy sleep routine is important for both losing and maintaining your optimum weight. According to Holistic Nutritionist, Kelly LeVeque, a good sleep routine helps to stamp out the hunger hormones which hamper decision-making processes when you are sleep deprived. Read more about this in our online article here.

    5. Limit your food vices

    Find yourself having a sneaky snack between meals or a dessert treat after dinner? That’s fine as long as those snacks are nutritious. Foods like dried fruit and low-fat yoghurt might seem like a good idea, but they are often high in sugar (to compensate for the fat component).

    Better snacking options are fresh fruit pieces, nuts and legumes, natural Greek yoghurt with a handful of berries (frozen are okay), or a simple cup of Bondi Spring Harvest Sencha Green Tea.

    Moreover, if you want a healthy dessert option to satisfy an after-dinner craving, try having a homemade bliss ball instead. Check out some of the yummy healthy bliss ball recipes online here at Lose Baby Weight – yummo!

    The wrap-up

    To lose weight in 2 weeks, you don’t need to transform into a dedicated gym-junkie just to see results. Simply amp up your motivation levels, include some cardio, and do a few very-achievable tweaks to your diet and eating plan. Two weeks will fly by in no time.

    For tasty natural herbal teas - shop our full range of Bondi Beach Tea Co. herbal teas and detox teas here.


    1. NCBI: Water-induced thermogenesis, Boschmann M1, Steiniger J, Hille U, Tank J, Adams F, Sharma AM, Klaus S, Luft FC, Jordan J.

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