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  • Detox Your Liver Diet 💪🌞

    January 04, 2017 3 min read

    Detox Your Liver Diet 💪🌞

    Your health and wellbeing depends on how well your body removes and purges toxins from your body. In today’s modern society full of environmental pollution, toxic body care products and medications and heavily processed foods, it is no surprise that most people are in desperate need of a detox! 

    Your liver is the main way that your body rids itself of toxins. Your liver can take a beating, especially throughout the Christmas holidays. With that in mind, you can quickly start a liver cleanse diet today by following these easy steps!

    Abstain from Alcohol

    I know what you are thinking, who invited the party pooper….

    We hate to rain on your parade, particularly if that parade looks like a really fun party, but, when your drink alcohol your liver becomes maxed out trying to process it all - it focuses just on the alcohol and therefore cannot process other toxins and fat efficiently.

    As a result, fat is often stored instead of being processed. Taking regular breaks from alcohol is a good idea. It can save your liver and your waistline in the long run. Instead of drinking copious amounts of alcohol keep your body hydrated with…

    Green Tea

    Green tea loves your liver and also gives it a hand to detox your body. This is because green tea is full of catechins: a compound that is known to assist in liver function. It is full of other antioxidants which not only support your liver but also help to ward off disease and slow down the process of aging, leaving you literally glowing every time you drink it!

    This isn’t just a claim either; science backs up green tea with many studies and evidence showing that green tea is a fantastic weight loss tool. For these reasons alone it should be one of the stars in your liver cleanse diet! Even better, using Matcha Green Tea has 3 times more catechins then regular green tea. At Bondi Beach Tea Co. we stock a 100% Pure Green Tea Powder. A must for any liver cleanse.

    Eliminate Processed Foods and Sugar

    When you get rid of processed foods and sugar, your liver will have less processing of toxins to do. These foods are often full of nasties that slowly take it’s toll on your body and your health.

    Switch to whole (organic if possible) foods and make sure to include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your liver cleanse diet. Fresh fruit and vegetables are nature's gift to you and provide you with all the nutrients you need to be able to sustain a happy and healthy body.

    Wherever possible, try to eat your foods raw during your detox. When we cook our food, we lose vital nutrients which our bodies could be benefiting from; this includes using the microwave. Stock up on plenty of healthy and fresh salads and eat fruit and vegetables in their natural form and you will have an express ticket to a healthier body!

    Remember, if your liver is always processing added toxins from the outside world, then it will continue to store excess toxins as fat making you gain weight. Taking part in a liver cleanse diet every few months ensure your liver has a chance to recover.

    We recommend a 7-day liver cleanse diet for optimal results during your body’s detox. Our Bondi Slim Detox program is the perfect partner for a liver detox diet. - you will be guaranteed to look and feel amazing, and your liver will love you for it!





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