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  • Benefits of Drinking Tea 🍵

    April 01, 2017 3 min read

    Benefits of Drinking Tea

    Everyday there’s another story talking about the benefits of drinking tea 🍵 over coffee.

    You may not even pay attention to the stories and may be quite attached to your daily coffee.

    It’s possible that you don’t even consciously have your coffee. It could just be a habit for you.  There are of course many health benefits to switching from coffee to tea that you may not even be aware of.

    Coffee is a diuretic which means you could become quite dehydrated if you drink too much of it. Fortunately, tea will hydrate you, so not only can a cold tea be great on warm Summer’s days, but it will also rehydrate you. If you’ve been working out and you’ve sweat out a lot of fluid, then tea will help with replenishing that lost fluid. Maintaining a good level of hydration will help your skin. This is essential, especially as we age, even into our 20s or 30s. Our skin isn’t as soft or elastic as it is when we’re first born. That will keep you looking youthful for longer than if you were to drink coffee or another drink. It’s really important to keep your skin moisturised to keep your youthful looks for longer.

    One of the biggest reasons that people drink coffee is that they believe it has more caffeine than other beverages and will give them energy. This is actually misrepresenting the facts. Although coffee does have a lot of caffeine, tea actually has more, so if you drink tea instead of caffeine you’ll not just get a bigger hit, but it will last longer. You’ll have more energy, so if you need to maintain energy for a longer period of time, tea’s the best drink to opt for.

    When you’re tired, and you need an energy lift immediately, tea is better than coffee because you will feel the effects of it much faster. Tea contains 1.5 times the caffeine than coffee does so you’ll be energised faster and for longer than if you were to drink coffee.

    You may also not be aware, but just like alcohol, coffee is a depressant, so once the high’s worn off, the come down will be worse with coffee than it would be with tea. Think of it much like a drug addict coming down from a high. Tea will keep you energised and refreshed for longer. If you’re studying or working, this is the best choice. 

    We’ve run several blogs previously about how tea can actually help you lose weight, and it’s true. Unlike with coffee, you are less likely to add milk or sugar, and that reduces the number of calories that you’re consuming. You will, therefore, be able to lose weight faster. Along with that, tea is known to speed up your metabolism, more specifically green tea and that will help if you have some kilos you’re wanting to drop.

    Have you ever watched a TV show where the characters suffer from a drama or some other situation that they’re not entirely happy with and they suggest a cup of tea? They never suggest coffee. The reason for that is that tea improves your mood and relaxes you.

    These are just some of the reasons you should drink tea, but if you’re still unsure, why not sample some of ours and decide for yourself!

    Cheers 🍵

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