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  • 3 Ingredients to Supercharge Your Tea Detox

    October 29, 2018 5 min read

    3 Ingredients to Supercharge Your Tea Detox

    3 Ingredients to Supercharge Your Tea Detox

    Our Bondi Beach Tea Co. detox teas offer remarkable results. However, why are our teas so good? Here’s the scoop behind our herbal teas.

    From giving you a power-packed boost of energy, to losing weight, or helping you rest your weary head. Our Bondi Beach Tea Co. natural herbal tea blends offer some pretty impressive health benefits. However, why do we think our teas are so great?

    Aside from the many customer testimonials that we receive every week, Bondi Beach Tea Co. has a list of detox tea ingredients that are carefully selected to offer the best possible results. As well as the ingredients in our other herbal tea infusions, our detox tea ingredients are all-natural. We don’t include any nasty added laxatives, artificial colours or flavours in our teas.

    Why is a benefit that our detox tea ingredients do not include laxatives?

    Some detox tea manufacturers chose to include an added laxative known as senna into their tea ingredients. Senna is known to rid your body of more than what is intended to be discarded.

    According to some information we uncovered by Dr Ihonor in The Daily Mail, senna makes your colon contract more than it usually would pushing out vital stocks of water and electrolytes along with faecal matter. You might feel slimmer and trimmer in the short-term, but this method has no bearing on weight loss. The fact is, calories from your food are absorbed into the small intestine long before it gets anywhere near the colon. A waste of time (and effort) one would think.

    Senna should only be taken under medical instruction and should not be consumed as a detox tea ingredient.

    So, letting them speak for themselves, take a look at five of the top ingredients in our Bondi Beach Tea Co. detox tea.                                           

    1. Green tea

    Green tea is number one on our detox tea ingredient list, and there are plenty of good reasons why. We have written many articles addressing the plethora of scientifically-backed benefits of green tea. Some of these combined benefits at a glance include:

    • ability to boost your metabolism
    • a potential to curb hunger pangs
    • an energy booster
    • potential improvements for diabetic health
    • rich in antioxidants that help ward off free radicals and premature signs of aging
    • helps to detoxify your body, flushing away nasty toxins and chemicals

    For more details on the above and plenty more, as well as the evidence-based information, check out our following articles:

    2. Yerba Mate

    Yerba mate is a detox tea ingredient that hails from a native bush in Southern South America. Generally, its lengthy production occurs over six stages [1];

    1. harvesting of the older leaves and small stems
    2. roasting by direct fire
    3. drying under hot air
    4. milling to specified size
    5. aging to acquire optimal sensory attributes,
    6. moreover, finally, packaging

    The specific production methods also depend on the geographic region of where the tea will be consumed.

    The leaves from the Yerba mate bush are rich in antioxidants and it is known to have beneficial effects on human health and antimicrobial activity against some foodborne pathogens. [2]

    Yerba mate’s full list of beneficial properties also include antioxidant, anti-obesity, anti-diabetic, digestive improvement, stimulant, and cardiovascular properties. [3]

    In a particular study, Yerba mate was linked to promoting cardiovascular health of study participants and reducing hypertension and dyslipidemia (abnormal amounts of lipids in the blood).

    According to an article on Aviva Yerba Mate, Yerba mate also contains high concentrations of inorganic compounds. The minerals aluminium, chromium, copper, iron, manganese, nickel, potassium, and zinc are the stars here due to their importance to our health. Yerba mate contains:

    Vitamins: A, C, E, B1, B2, Niacin (B3), B5, B Complex
    Minerals: calcium, manganese, iron, selenium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus
    Additional Compounds: fatty acids, chlorophyll, flavanols, polyphenols, trace minerals, antioxidants, pantothenic acid and 15 amino acids

    Aviva Yerba Mate says that, according to Dr Mowrey, Director of Mountainwest Institute of Herbal Sciences, one group of investigators from the Pasteur Institute and the Paris Scientific Society concluded that Yerba Mate contains "practically all of the vitamins necessary to sustain life." They focused especially on pantothenic acid, mentioning that it is "rare to find a plant with so much of this significant and vital nutrient. It is indeed difficult to find a plant in any area of the world equal to Yerba mate in nutritional value."

    With all this evidence, it’s no wonder Yerba mate makes the list of our Bondi Beach Tea Co. detox tea ingredients.

    3. Dandelion

    There have been various studies undertaken on dandelion, a common ‘weed’ related to the daisy family often found sprouting abundantly throughout household lawns.

    For those in the know, dandelion never needs to be referred to as a weed again. In fact, the entire plant from flower to root is edible and offers a variety of reported health benefits.

    However, as dandelion absorbs heavy metals such as lead, nickel, copper and cadmium, as well as pesticides and other environmental substances, you must make sure of growing conditions like soil purity, quality of water, etc, prior to tucking in. This plant can also contain high levels of other substances like iron, so people with conditions such as hemochromatosis should steer clear of consuming it.

    When grown for the purpose of consuming, dandelion leaves are great in salad mixes, the leaves and roots are popular additives in herbal teas, and it is also found on shelves as a herbal supplement

    Dandelion is exceptionally rich in hydroxycinnamic acid derivatives, which are promising plant materials showcasing both antioxidant and anticoagulant activities of the hemostatic system (for blood health). This is particularly beneficial in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular illnesses. [3]

    Dandelion has anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, lipid-lowering, hepatoprotective, and diuretic properties. In Chinese medicine, it has been used to promote lactation and reduce abscesses, especially in the breast and intestines. [4] It should be noted, however, that dandelion is not safe to consume while pregnant, unless under the advice of a medical professional.

    Other information indicates that dandelion may have the ability to help remove toxins away from the liver to be excreted and may even help protect against damage to the liver.

    Three power-packed detox tea ingredients

    These detox tea ingredients are only three of the power-packed herbal remedies we have selected in our Bondi Beach Tea Co. Bondi Slim Tea. Rounding out our list of detox tea ingredients are burdock root, hibiscus, acai berry, schisandra, and calendula. All these herbs have properties traditionally linked with detoxification and helping you to feel great.

    As well as detoxifying the body, our Bondi Beach Tea Co. natural herbal teas offer a range of traditional health benefits. To see the full list - click here to visit our online shop.


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    2. NCBI: Assessment of effects of phenolic fractions from leaves and petals of dandelion in selected components of hemostasis.
    3. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre: Dandelion

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