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Make Your Own Green Tea Water Bomb Mask

February 14, 2021 2 min read

Green Tea Mask

Make Your Own Green Tea Water Bomb Mask

We expose our skin to all sorts of elements - from soaking up rays in summer to frosty winters settled by the fireplace. In winter, our skin endures dry, cold conditions, while in Summer way too much sun for most of us. Skin sweats, peels and cracks, and we bomb it with makeup masks, lotions and potions. It is fair to say that our skin gets a total workout.

So how do we give our skin some loving? Green tea, of course!

A recent trend in the beauty market is a green tea water bomb mask. These masks claim to hydrate your skin in 15 minutes by applying a hydrogel green tea water bomb mask to your face. Consisting of some power-packed natural ingredients, the green tea mask leaves skin supple, fresh and glowing.

For our green tea lovers, Bondi Beach Tea Co. team have created a green tea water bomb mask of our own using a fresh mix of matcha green tea because you can’t get much fresher than our green tea.

So, here’s how to make your own green tea water bomb mask.


  • Bondi Pure Green Organic Matcha Green Tea
  • 3 freshly cut stems of aloe vera plant (or 2 tablespoons of organic aloe vera gel if you don’t have a fresh aloe plant on hand)
  • Water to rinse off the water bomb mask

Green tea water bomb mask method 

  1. Cut the stems of the aloe vera plant and gently press down on the leaves. Scrape out the aloe gel into a small dish. If you don’t have the fresh aloe plant on hand just squeeze a tablespoon of organic aloe gel into the dish instead
  2. Add a ¼ teaspoon of matcha green tea and mix the ingredients
  3. Apply the mixture directly to clean skin
  4. Let it soak and settle in for at least 15 minutes. You might experience a tightening sensation as the mask dries
  5. Once dried, wash your face gently with lukewarm water, followed by cold water to help tighten the pores

Our green tea water bomb mask is gentle enough to use on your face weekly.

We use aloe vera in our green tea water bomb mask as it is packed with healing properties for the skin. These properties include antibacterial, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory to guard against toxins and offer soothing, moisturising benefits. Aloe vera is quick to penetrate the skin as well.

Aloe vera is traditionally used in skin serums to balance the natural skin tone and shrink large pores. It may help to clear up acne, reduce scarring, relieve irritated skin, and heal minor abrasions.

Matcha green tea is full of antioxidant and may help to even skin tone. As a powder form, it is easy to incorporate into the recipe.

A homemade green tea water bomb mask can leave your skin feeling refreshed and nourished.

Bondi Beach Tea Co. offers a range of tasty natural herbal teas renowned traditionally for a variety of benefits. Shop our full range of Bondi Beach Tea Co. blends here.

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