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How to tell if your liver needs a detox, just by looking at your face 😑

March 26, 2017 2 min read

Bondi Beach Tea Co. How to tell if your liver needs a detox, just by looking at your face.

How to tell if your liver needs a detox, just by looking at your face.

Your liver is one of the main ways your body rids itself of toxins, without it, we would be a heaping mess of toxicity and disease.

Which is why we should all look out for the signs of a toxic liver and complete regular liver detoxes. Everyone deserves a break, and your liver is no exception to this.

Here are some things you can look out for as signs that your liver needs a break just by looking at your face in the mirror.

Firstly, check if you are breaking out and if you are, where. This is called ‘Face Mapping’ and was used widely in traditional Chinese medicine which says that a weakness or toxicity in an organ or gland within the body will result in acne showing up in a particular area of your skin. This can then be used to try and find what is causing the actual break out.


If you are breaking out on your forehead, chances are that this is linked to your digestive system. If can also indicate you are having a hard time trying to break down certain foods which could suggest intolerance to foods like dairy or wheat. Pimples on your forehead also indicate that you have too many toxins in your liver, too much stress in your life or an irregular sleep schedule.

Between your Eyebrows

Two of the leading causes of breakouts between your brows can be fast food and too much alcohol. You may be likely to find that after a night out where you have drunk a bit too much or consumed fast food, that you have a couple of pimples in this location. Spend the day re-hydrating your body and staying away from greasy foods and alcohol.


Polluted air can be the cause of your cheeks breaking out. Allergies that affect the respiratory system can also be to blame as well as pressing your phone against your skin while talking as germs could have transferred to your face. Make sure to always wash your skin before going to bed and combining this with our Fresh Face Complexion Tea.


Breakouts on your chin can be because of a change in your hormones, so particularly around the time of your period. Try to ensure to not rest your hands on your chin, as this can transfer bacteria to your chin causing breakouts as well.

As well as where you breakout, take note of what kind of breakout you are having to find the underlying issue, particularly blackheads and clogged pores.

Those black spots are usually found on drier parts of your skin and can indicate that you have a congested liver, in which case you may need to try a detox to help flush out your system. Make sure to drink loads of extra water when you are undertaking a detox of your liver to ensure you stay hydrated.

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