March 13, 2015 1 min read

You feel better 

When you detox, you wake up feeling energetic, vibrant and alive again. Even if weight loss is not your goal, but have symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, aching body, digestive issues, allergies, and headaches, a detox can help heal you quickly. Feeling and looking good is only a few days away.

Weight loss

Firstly taking sugar out of your diet will be a welcome relief to your body. Allowing your body to reduce inflammation and start detoxing. Including an excellent blend of herbal tea can help this process.

When you detoxify, you eliminate nasty toxins (including sugar!) that hold your weight hostage. We have a free diet and exercise plan to get you going.

 Reboot your body!.

All of us wander from living in a way that supports our health: not enough sleep, too little exercise, too much bad food, too much stress.

The best way to reset your body is with a detox. Simple, delicious wholefoods. No toxins or drugs, and of course no sugar, flour, processed foods, caffeine or alcohol. All this works to get your body and mind back to our original factory settings—and quickly!

You have better sex. 

Now here’s an added bonus. The latest research suggests that sex is better if your body is healthy and happy. Wow, I have been saying that for years.

Go forth and DETOX.

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